Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When to throw your makeup away!

Hey ladies!  Its time to go threw your cosmetics stash and ditch the expired stuff!  Below is a guide for when to toss and when its ok to keep using your favorite products!

Check the ingredients: A water-based foundation will last up to 12 months, oil-based will last up to 18 months.
How to make it last longer?  Any liquid based product (foundation, concealer, liquid blush, etc) that is in an air-tight (pump) container will last an additional 6-8 months!
So a foundation like this, a Covergirl Cream Based, where you put your fingers and a sponge in, will collect bacteria and break down faster

But an air tight container with a pump will reduce bacteria and will stay safer for your skin longer.

Likewise, anything with a dedicated applicator (meaning you can't change it) should be ditched within the year.


If you can sharpen it, it will probably last about 3 years before drying out and going bad!  Another tip, swipe alcohol on the tip and sharpen it regularly.  It will keep bacteria from mouth/eyes at bay!


If you are consistent with cleaning the brushes you use in said powders (face, eye, etc) then they can last up to 3 years!

I give this a 6 month life, any longer and its probably too dried out to smooth on the delicate eye area

This is by far the quickest cosmetic item to expire, about 3 months at best.

That's because it can dry out quickly, and the applicator holds all bacteria and germs from the eye area and keeps them contained in the tube. 


Because they are water-based (99% are) germs can multiply.  Believe it or not, 6 months is the life span of lotions and cleaners!


Tube lipstick can last about 2 years!  You know its time to ditch it early if its become brittle or starts to smell differently.

As much as I covet my Chanel Glossimers

12 to 18 months is a good rule of thumb to follow for tossing it!  Similar to lipstick, if it starts to smell or change consistency (which will happen if water collects under the cap or if you leave in a heated car repeatedly) - throw it out!


If it has blending beads in it, try shaking it up vigorously, if the color seems to blend back together, its probably fine. 

Remember, keep antibacterial soap handy when you are using cosmetics, and wash hands regularly during the process.  This will hopefully keep germs away from your favorite products!

Are you ready to start spring cleaning your cosmetics drawer?!!?!?

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