Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Product Reccomendation from a Follower!

A dedicated RosaM Beauty Blog follower, Kat, sent me a product recommendation!  And with such a review from her, I had to pass on!

Selfishly, I didn't think about blogging about nail growth and care, because I have worn acrylics for 14 years!  But I am so thankful for the contribution!

Kat's new fav nail product is Sally Hansen's Nail Growth Miracle

Kat's Comments:
I have such problems with my nails, they are prone to breaking while I work. I started using this nailcolor(loyal lavender- very pretty) a couple of weeks ago and I haven't had a single break and my nails do look noticeably longer. I like the short square look, and I've had to file some of them down to match other shorter ones that were recovering from previous disasters and are catching up. It also covers well and seems to dry quickly. It doesn't seem to chip, kinda wears off at the tips and I touch it up as needed and redo every few days.

I've also been using the Nailgrowth Miracle serum and my cuticles are in better shape although it affecting the nail itself is debatable since I have color on all the time.

There is a treatment serum, which retails for abut $10:

 as well as polish colors (as Kat mentioned)

A fun one to try is "Gentle Blossom" which is a unique mint green shade!

Thanks for the recommendation!!!!!!!!! 

PS- send me your questions, recommendation's, etc via facebook or at rosa.osu@usa.com

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