Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Splurge vs. Steal of the Day

Today's Splurge vs Steal is inspired by my beach vacation - quickly approaching, only 21 days away!  So although there were snowflakes flying this morning - I've still got an important review!!

It was time for me to replace my Reef Flip Flops, I've had them for 3 years and they are just worn out (although they are so damn comfortable!) but before I Splurged, I thought I would try a Steal, and grab some Old Navy flip flops and compare to see if I really needed the more expensive black flips!

The Steal:

$3.50 black flip flops from Old Navy, available at retail locations and online at


The Splurge:
<em>Reef Women's</em> Sandy Sandals (<em>Black</em>/<em>Black</em>)
$25 -$30 Reef Flip Flops (I bought mine at Lord & Taylor but found them cheaper at the link below)

and the winner is:

The SPLURGE!!!!!!!!!  Ok, NO QUESTION, the Reef Flip Flops are worth every penny, and then some!  They are incredibly comfortable.  First of all, the fabric strap doesn't rub on your skin, and the soles are constructed to form to your foot, which you will notice over time creates a custom fit.

In fact, it was such a hands-down win that I gave the Old Navy ones away, and purchased the new 2011 Reef "Dreams" collection flip flops, $27.50:

available at Zumies and Zappos.com, and they have an incredible fit and they make you feel like you are walking on clouds!
And by the way, Reef debuted a matching swimsuit to go with the Dreams footwear line!

available at http://www.myswimsuitstore.com/

There you have it!  And its a Splurge you don't have to feel too guilty about at under $50!  Sorry Old Navy, your flips are for the birds!

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