Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nail Art!

With the awesome new nail art products on the market, such as Nic Sticks $10

which is Nicole by OPI brand, found in major drug store retailers

and the nail art pens by Sally Hansen, $8

als found in drug stores...

you can create some great nail art looks, like this strawberry nail look

Start with a raspberry-red color all over, add the white dots with a nail art pen, then use a dark and a lime green nail pen to create the leaf, how adorable for summer!!!!

Even this simple color-blocking look makes a big impact when matched to a summer party dress!
Trendy Simple Nail Art Designs 2011
Try the dusky teal and purple combo!

The nail art pens make it simple

With the blue nail trend hitting big, this is a great twist!

OPI introduced a line of matte nail polishes last year- and many customers complained that the look was, well, blah!  But nail artists have come out with a great new look, alternating the matte and the shiny polish IN THE SAME SHADE, to create this dimentional look!

All of the matte shades come in the origional shine version

In the way of matte looks, the only one I seem to like is this short ultra-royal matte blue

This features OPI matte polish in "Russian Navy" which I think is amazing with yellow and white nautical outfits!!

Of course, you can always give yourself a quick classic french manicure look - and keep the pen in your purse for unexpected touch ups!

Just fake Chanel insignias please!  URGH!

A dress you can wear 60 different ways?!

Hayley Starr
This dress, by Haley Star, retails for $325

Its a modal (like a jersey knit) and the 60 different way claim is shocking, I would have never imagined.  Apparently, in January, there was a special one day dale on the dress for $49, which I read about on TheStir (CafeMom).  I would buy this for $49 in a heartbeat! 

Here is what CafeMom has to say about her purchase:
I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled when the dressed arrived, crammed into a padded mailer. Is that seriously how you treat a $325 dress? Plus, it seemed like nothing more than a tube dress with extra-long, stretchy ties. It hung in my closet for several weeks before I did anything with it. Meanwhile, the messages from blog readers who'd ordered the dress were piling up. "What do I do with this thing?" "How am I supposed to wear this?" Etc.
Finally, though, I decided that It Was Time.

Haley Star's website has a video tutorial for how to wear the dress, and I also read that its a best-seller as a maternity dress because of the bias cut!  What a great gift for your pregnant friend!  A dress she can get tons of use out of going to parties, weddings, her shower, etc!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Launches her Fragrence

and my review is just so/so....

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has combined all the scents she loves that remind her of California, and created an exclusive scent for Sephora.

The fragrance retails from $39 - $70
Jennifer Aniston

I would describe it as warm citrus, and I am iffy about it.  I'm not thrilled.  Although honestly, the last celebrity fragrance I think I liked was White Diamonds...when I was 10 years old.  So you may want to judge for yourself!

My Idol, Kate Moss, Introduces new Dior Lipcolor

Any of you that have known me for any length of time probably know that Kate Moss has been my one and only idol since I was 12 years old.  I've followed her career religiously.  So, when she became the inspiration for Dior's Addict lipcolor - I was right on top of it!  Here are some stills from the new campaign, and I love that it says 'be iconic'!!!

and my favorite photo from the campaign:

Because secretly I wished that was my life! 

The colors are juicy, shiny and healthy looking on your lips:

and I love the slim case

The new colors are offered exclusively at Sephora for a limited time for $28 (the regular collection is available at the large chains, like Neiman Marcus and Dillards);jsessionid=ZF0EHS2HENKDECV0KSGAIGQ?id=P282501&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=1073

The formula promises to be hydrating and incredibly shiny!

I'll be indulging in the bubblegum pink shade, which I think will look incredible with the shine!
Singulière 465
Dior Addict Lipstick

I will def be combining it with my favorite lip lining stick by BUXOM (Bare Essentuals)

The Big and Healthy Lip Stick ($18 at Sephora)
Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick
is one of the most incredible products!  It has lip plumping powers and it stays put for hours!  I LIVE in the Las Vegas shade and pair it with everything!  And I know the new Dior gloss will not be any exception!

Here is a look at Kate through the tribute!  Love her!

and the photo I have of her in my office:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The bracelet for everyone!

I found this bracelet on one of my fave sites, and I thought that it was so versitile and perfect for anyone!  What a great gift too, at $25 each, you can get a stack for a friend's birthday, or think of mother's day too!

Such a classic look, and with a hinged opening, its more comfortable!

My tops pics are the NAVY:


and the AQUA:

Go for the Gold!

Typically silver accessories are popular for warmer weather - but I've noticed that GOLD accessories are being featured more and more in fashion magazines.  So I'll make mention of some fabulous gold accessories to add to your collection!

The Gold Belt:
Gwen Stefani in Elle

Jennifer Lopez's Gold Belt at a Kohl's Charity Event:

Also when she was out and about with her husband;

So the gold belt is a MUST!  Try a braided style to go with maxi dresses and skirts:

3" Wide <em>Gold</em> Leather <em>Braided Belt</em> For Women, Sm-31"/34" Waist

Michael Kors on and
MICHAEL Michael Kors metallic <em>gold</em> woven grommet skinny <em>belt</em>
80s vintage Narrow <em>Gold Braided</em> Leather <em>Belt</em>

Lilly Pulitzer (one of my faves for that preppy look) has this outstanding leather wrap belt $38
Lilly Pulitzer Glam Obi <em>Belt</em>

Try a bohemian chain necklace:

How about a thick statement necklace?  Charlotte Russe for $8.50, you can't go wrong:

Or this bib necklace, also from Charlotte Russe for $14.50