Saturday, July 1, 2017

Plastic Free July

Hey hey!  I'm back, and for good reason! I miss sharing all my beauty product knowledge (still my #1 hobby but alas, being a crazy career mom doesn't allow me hours a week to document my findings and share them with you).

But do you know what my #2 hobby is?  Its trying to live a plastic-free and low-waste life!  Its sort of my own spin on minimalism (which is a huge goal of mine but I have a lot of things to overcome first before I am ready to commit to minimalism!)

Years ago I discovered that the chemicals, GMOs, microbeads, synthetics, etc in the food and products I was using were poisoning me, and I believe it that was causing my anxiety and migraines.  It was not long after I started eating organic and got rid of chemicals in my home did I make a huge recovery from debilitating migraines and got my anxiety under control through holistic healing practices.  I've nearly abandoned western medicine in my life, and my family's life, and we have never thrived more!

One of my biggest discoveries was realizing that plastics, or really, non-natural materials, around me were suffocating me.  Waste and excess gave me the mental feeling of chaos and it contributed to my anxiety.  I'd say that 5 years ago, I was having 2-3 panic attacks a week, bringing me to my knees and making it unsafe for me to drive!

I've come full circle with my understanding of plastics and waste in general, and I'm learning new tricks and becoming more aware of the World on this journey.  I'm by no means perfect, but I strive to achieve my own version of success with plastics, and I want to take advantage of "Plastic Free July" as an opportunity to share with my beauty community what I've been up to and how you can get involved too!

If you've read along so far, and you're interested in hearing more - consider at one point that you might want to make this pledge:

Over the next month, I am going to share with you some great tips and what I'm doing to live plastic-free!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fighting the Flu

I never thought I'd be reviving my blog, my last post was a week after Rocco was born, and that was 2.5 years ago!  Ok, so even if I thought there might be a re-vamp, I NEVER thought it would be on the topic of vomit.

Yep, I said vomit.  Or, the flu more like!  I have been reading SO many posts about my favorite friends and families falling victim to the flu, starting with their poor kids and it spreading like wildfire.  Well, as a working mother I can sympathize that there quite literally is not time for us to get sick, and even if there was, why would we want to!?  So I am reviving the blog for a special public service announcement on my proven flu stopping remedy!

The flu stopping secret you've never heard of, but need to get familiar with, is ACTIVATED CHARCOAL

You're thinking, charcoal?!  But yes, the same concept behind using it for poisoning/drug overdose can also rid your body of foreign toxins and virus strains of the flu that is in your digestive tract, but you need to act fast and early!

For adults, take a capsule every few hours on a totally empty stomach and not at a time that you take medication or supplements.  Do this at the very first sign of being around people with the flu.  Most recently, when Rocco started throwing up, I immediately took a capsule.  I kept at it every 4-6 hours and while I did get the flu, it was mild and I never vomited.  (Proof: Don got it too, didn't want to try the charcoal, and threw up violently.)

For kids, break open a capsule and sprinkle in a cup with an iced beverage (I find the ice somehow disguises the grit).  In the middle of a vomiting episode, I do it with nearly frozen pedialite.  If someone else had the flu, and Rocco was exposed, I just do it in a regular drink but I keep the quantity small so I can ensure that he got the charcoal ingested.  Its safe for children as young as 1 (half capsule)
Since you're in the charcoal game now, check out this awesome article by Dr. Axe about 10 uses for charcoal!  In my house we have the capsules for ingesting and the powder for tooth whitening and facial cleansing.

My other FLU REMEDY is Elderberry Syrup. Basically, this is my equivalent to the flu shot.  In fact, some studies have shown that consuming elderberry syrup during flu season had a higher prevention rate against the flu than the flu shot.  (FYI- I do not support or promote the flu shot, as for me personally, the risks outweigh the benefits.  I very much encourage you to read the package insert of a flu shot to make an informed choice for yourself and your family).

Since flu viruses cannot replicate themselves, they use DNA from living cells to survive. To achieve their destruction, flu viruses puncture living cell walls with spiky features called hemagglutinin. This flu virus invasion can be completely prevented with elderberry because elderberry effectively disarms the spikes and halts the action of their enzymes.

Essentially, elderberry's cytokine production prevents flu virus invasion before it ever takes hold!!  AKA: Start taking it today, there's no downside!

quite seriously, I turn to Elderberries for energy, PMS, viruses, flus, colds, coughs, allergies, sore muscles, etc.  There's also safe children's versions, for kids under 5.  
(my trick, add in a serving to very sweet juice on ice as a treat, or put in a smoothie!  At this point, Rocco actually likes the taste because he is so used to it.)

My other flu busters are oil pulling, apple cider vinegar and manuka honey - but for now, these two tried and true flu prevention and fighters is JUST what is needed in your house!  Check out my amazon shopping list for you to order today, and get going on beating the flu in your home!

Be well!

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