Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shh, its a secret reveal of a HUGE Summer 2013 Trend!

Exclusive to my blog readers only, I am going to reveal a HUGE upcoming trend for Summer 2013 makeup:  Popsicle Lips!

WHAT?  Well, I will tell you, calm down!

Popsicle Lips is really just a way to recreate that perfect summer stained lip, as if you just finished a popsicle (in my case, its cause I usually did!)

Makeup artists will be creating this look using lip stains on the inner/center of the lips and adding a clear or shimmer gloss over the top.  I saw this stock photo from an upcoming 2013 designer ad and the look is fabulous

The easiest at home way to achieve it, without buying anything new, is to use a chap stick to soften lips and you can brush on a stain (lipstick if you don't have a stain) to the center of lips only

Use your finger for a quick application or touch up by applying lipstick or stain to the center of lips that you've prepped a bit with concealer

Stick with popsicle-like colors

or hey, go for the tried and true method:  eat a popsicle!

I'm telling you, it will be HUGE!  And its SO summery!  I almost can't wait to do the look!

What I'm Testing this Week...

One of the items I am testing this week is the "Bronze Buffer"
Bronze Buffer, self-tan remover - 2 sponges

Its a sponge that claims to 'instantly erase' errors in your self tanning (aka: streaks and spots)

Could it be true?  Is there a miracle product that erases the orange hands or streaks on the back of your calves?!  Ahhhh!

I'll be trying it out in advance of my self tanning segment and I will be giving feedback on the March7th show!

If you can't wait for my results, go ahead and get your own:


($10 for 2 sponges with $5 shipping in US)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Self Tanning Segment March 7th

Hi followers!  be sure to tune in on March 7th for my self tanning segment!  I'll be going through the step by step process to giving yourself the PERFECT self tan at home that will make you rock that perfect glow all season while avoiding UV rays and practicing self sun!

March 7th
WSYR local channel 9!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My nail art segment link

Click on the link below, and my nail art segment is in the middle of the page under 'show highlights' the clip is called FABULOUS FASHIONS


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rihanna just announced a collaberation with MAC Cosmetics

This JUST in!  Global pop sensation Rihanna announced today (her 25th birthday) that she is going to release an entire limited collection for MAC!

Hollywood Life.com managed to get a sneak peek photo:

Whats more is that she also announced that she will continue to release products in the line every few months in 2013!

I am sure the shades will be cutting edge, I'm looking forward to it!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nipple Balm?!

Well...in a word....YES!  Dr. Lipp's most famous product was a balm for nursing moms (hence the nipple balm title) and that cult product inspired a lip product of similar nature and let me tell you.....I don't care what you call it.....I'm a FAN FOR LIFE

this $14.50 balm is all natural and incredible!

Buy it here:

I will say this, I put on a generous amount before leaving my house this morning, my lips are still hydrated and super soft!  Its like I still have it on, but its 10 lours later - how is it possible?

Who cares!  Its perfection!

You can also use it to
-ease sunburn irritation
-tame flyaways
-treat children's rashes and dry noses

Trust me on this one, its a keeper!

Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm into stripping...

Strip lashes that is!  Geez, what kinda blog do you think this is!?  hehe!

I've gotten back into 'strip lashes'

In a BIG way lately!  Why?  Because I can apply them so quick & easy and they INSTANTLY boost my eye look up a notch!  I recently purchased 50 pairs of assorted lengths and thickness from Winstonia:

and it will be tough for me not to justify applying them every single day because they make me feel fabulous!

Applying strip lashes is a no-brainer, and many people find it easier than the individuals (which look more natural, wear longer and feel like nothing is on your lashes - but are time consuming)

I like that its quick AND that I get several uses out of one pair!

For every day I love a natural strip lash, but I've been having fun with thicker, bolder ones as well:

The other day I wore ones like these above, and too many people commented, "You've got false lashes on right?"  Which I didn't like....so I will reserve those for appropriate night time venues!

When picking out strip lashes, look for "demi"

because they will be graduated (from short in the inner corner to long on the outer corner) and they won't have too much volume

If you already boast some pretty great natural lashes, you can add bit of definition and drama with a set that has spaces between the lashes, this just boosts your natural lash line

If you don't have many lashes, or they are very light, try the criss-cross effect lashes, because they add volume but not so much that it doesn't look natural

As a famous makeup artist, Kevin Aucoin, once said, "False lashes are the last thing you apply before heading out the door" you can interpret that as, apply them after all your makeup is on (I apply the individual lashes on makeup and oil free eyes to improve staying power).  So yes, put mascara on first!

My trick is to snap a few Q Tips in half and use the stick end to apply the glue

APPLYING GLUE:  let the glue 'air out' for about a minute before applying it to the lash (helps get it tacky)  You can use a white/clear glue or a dark glue.  That really depends on your lashes.  Clear works on anyone, so you're safe with that.  When you apply the glue, get enough to coat the entire strip, with a bit more on each end to anchor it.

What if the lashes are too long?  Cut off the access from the INNER corner!

Then I use another stick side of the snapped Qtip to lightly press and guide the strip down from INNER to OUTER corner

If you have a really unsteady hand, you can buy this AMAZING tool from Sephora (or a plastic one from Sally's, see second pic) to help you guide the lashes on

Remember:  apply to the lash line and not directly on lashes and not all on skin.  If you have some variance, just swipe some black eyeliner to cover it up!

You can apply mascara to the lashes to 'blend' them into the falsies too!

My fav lashes?
I like Katy Perry for Eyelure (Ulta)


And for single use (cheaper) I like Winstonia

Get stripping ladies!

For bold and daring makeup enthusiasts!

I recently had the opportunity to try the new Make Up For Ever "Technicolor" palette and the shades are JUST what the Beauty Doctor ordered to make us think hot summer nights!
MAKE UP FOR EVER - Technicolor Palette

($45 at Sephora)

From Make Up For Ever:
Inspired by the 1930s cinematic transition from black-and-white motion picture to color imagery, Technicolor Palette features bold, saturated colors that bring the eyes to life. Mix and match the eight shades to create highly pigmented, long-lasting looks that reflect any style or mood. This palette features three exclusive colors, including the season’s coveted yellow shade, along with a mirror and two round brushes for application on the go.

The brand's Technicolor themed Spring 2013 line may have been inspired by 30s cinema, but it feels 60s mod and 70s flower child all in one!

Of course the brand's marketing campaign is super bold, which I LOVE, but you can also get some day looks from the shades (which are a unique half-matte pigmentation)

Here are some of the looks that you can create to really amp up your look (oh, and if you're cringing at this color scheme, then you may want to hibernate this Spring, because its going to be ALL about neons and bold colors!)

What else is so great about this kit, is that you get TWO step by step tutorials on how to use the colors to create looks like the ones above!

If you see a favorite shade but don't want to pick up the whole palette. check out Make Up For Ever's individual pigments (a standard product, these will not match the palette shades exactly) for $20 each
Pure Pigments

Mila Kunis' Understated Makeup Perfection

Mila Kunis is fabulous, with or without makeup, but whoever did her makeup for the Oz Great and Powerful movie premiere this past weekend deserves a gold star!

her makeup was a FLAWLESS nude and natural look that complimented her to the extreme

I had to grab this clip from Hollywoodlife.com because they got the up-close

The peachy tab shade on the eyes goes all the way to the brow bone, with just a hint of liquid liner and lash extensions, she is flawless!  Well done Mila!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm not getting Naked for this

I just returned the Naked 'Flush' palette that launched in January:

Urban Decay - Naked Flushed
For $30, I wasn't impressed with the staying power or the highlighter in this kit.  I really feel that you can accomplish the look this gives with your bronzer and a pink blush.

Skip it and invest in a nice bronzer or highlighter instead!

Fab new fragrence!

I received a sample of Juicy Couture's "Couture La La" and I LOVED it!

I received the sample in the February Birchbox, and although I don't care for the other Juicy Couture fragrances, this one was so light and airy that I instantly liked it!

The fragrance notes are sparkling mandarin [orange] and white flowers.  Its very 'pink' and feminine without being too floral!

I picked up the rollerball for $19
Juicy Couture - Couture La La Rollerball
at Sephora so I can take the scent with me on the go, and its a cost savvy alternative to the $70 full size bottle!

Check it out!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Countdown to Valentine's Day: Heal Chapped Lips!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so you'll be doing some kissing - and you'll want to banish the February chapped lips blues before you do it!!!!

I love the Miracle Skin products (in fact, their concealer is one of the best in the biz!)
so it wasn't a surprise to me that I fell in love with their new line of lip treatments that have pigments.  You're treating your lips with anti-aging and hydrating ingredients, while getting the benefit of lipstick-like color!

There are five shades, and they retail for $24 (a STEAL in my opinion)

Rather than say it myself, I think the product description online does it justice:
What it does:Plump your pout and take care of your lip needs in one comfortable, tinted formula. White rose moss and powerful peptides inject your lips with hyaluronic acid, boosting collagen and helping eliminate the appearance of lip lines. Antioxidant-rich butters condition and soothe for maximum moisture and broad-spectrum sun protection helps prevent premature aging. The silky, gel texture smooths, softens, and evens the appearance of the skintone for a gorgeous, healthy finish.

Aside from healing all your lip issues and sporting a softer pucker - if you buy the shade 'love' $5.00 from the sale of each Lip Rewind in this limited edition shade will be donated to support CAN’s efforts to find love families for waiting foster children.

The bottom line on this is that if you have even the slightest chapped lips, this is going to fix it AND look good while doing it.  Its worth the $, check it out!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Countdown to Valentine's Day: Romantic Nails

2 more days to go!  And if Valentine's Day makes you think Romance instead of Sex - perhaps you'd like to try a manicure that says, "I'm sweet and romantic, so where's my white roses and chocolates?"

HA!  Well, that's what mine would say I guess....

Anyway, you need to pick up the Nails Inc 'Bling it on - Romance" kit for $25 (Sephora.com)

The best part of the kit is the little bows that are curved to ensure that they will hug the nail bed and look adorable!

I saw someone post their creation on Pinterest:

Sound too intimidating?!!?  Not even!  Check out the how-to video from Nails Inc's website:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hair Chalking!

My segment today is focusing on a really fun trend, "hair chalking" which got its name from teens would apply artist pastel 'chalk' to went sections of their hair to streak colors. 

But ladies like myself want to skip the mess but still wear this fun and temporary look, so I'm talking today about how to 'chalk'

First, get your supplies together!  I like Anastasia Hypercolor Hair Pigment and TINT's hair chalk

These pigments are a bit waxy, which is good.  They are meant to adhere to the hair and be flexible enough to move with the hair.

You'll also need:
-Styling cream or leave in conditioner
-An old towel or tshirt that might get stained
-Latex gloves to keep your hands clean
-Hair clips to pin back sections of hair you don't want dyed

Apply enough styling cream

Or leave in conditioner

to dampen the sections of hair where you want to apply the pigment

Then 'rub' the pigment (I go more for a swipe down one side, then the other, rub with fingers to saturate)

Then mist hair spray as the hair is drying to 'seal' in the color.

Obviously, if you've over coated the pigment on the hair, it will transfer to clothing, etc.  If you want to run a towel over the hair to remove excess, that's fine.  Do this especially if you're going to apply heat to the hair afterwards.

Let the hair dry before brushing or combing the hair

If you are going to style with a curling iron, don't use the clip, just wrap it around the closed shaft and hold it there for a few seconds.  (If you try to pull the hair through a curling iron it will sizzle it)

Directions right from the Anastasia Hypercolor Pigment (Ulta $12.50)

Another style that looks nice with the chalking is braiding, whether multiple colors or colored and uncolored hair, it looks great!

What I also LOVE and am dying to wear out, is using the pigment on my brows!  The Anastasia pigment can be used on the brows, by dampening them a but and brushing on (try an eyeliner brush!)

Here are some of my favorite hair chalk looks:

For my local followers, how about some orange and blue for SU game days?!!?  (or your fav team colors for any sport!)

Its a really fun and easy trend to do, and it washes right out - so there is no commitment. 

Hope you enjoy the segment!