Friday, May 9, 2014

My latest obsession

As Spring is finally here, I am totally obsessed with funky color eyeliner - particularly mint green and yellow!

I while back I got my hands on Stila's "Mint Julep" waterproof liner, and I loved it!  I can't wait for the fun outfits to start so I can accentuate my eyes with the perfect mint (NOT turquoise) shade!

Then suddenly, I came across the most PERFECT product - something from my dreams!

a pencil that has BOTH amazing colors of the moment in one pencil?!?!!?!?!

Its true, Smashbox's limited edition collection called "Santigold" has two dual ended pencils in 'in the moment' shades
The mint pencil is perfection, a true mint and not a turquoise - and the yellow that goes with it is a metallic yellow, so its funky, and quite honestly, more versatile than the matte sun yellow on the other pencil (paired with the blue)

The Santigold collection is worth mentioning, because its Egyptian-inspired and super funky and the packaging makes you feel a World away when you use it!  (PS- the gold pyramid ring that houses a pink balm is incredible and totally a fun splurge!)
When attempting to do the mint or yellow eye - you can be more subtle and just add accents (I like accenting the inner corner of the eye)
or you can go full drama!  But there is no question, the yellow eyeliner look is on trend and for good reason - it defies traditional makeup logic while being simplistic at the same time!

Flashback Friday!

Flashback to my Smokey Eye Tutorial on Bridge Street