Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another follower recommendation!

When I saw one of my VERY fashionable friends using this product the other day - I knew that there was more to AQUAPHOR than meets the eye!

So, what is Aquaphor?  Its a multi-use ointment that can be used to protect the skin while it heals.  Its also free of fragrance, dyes and preservatives.  Aquaphor has a whole line of products, here are some common uses for their most popular product their ointment in the convenient tube (in multiple sizes - even a tiny one for your purse!)

I first became of aware of Aquaphor when my husband needed to use it on his tattoo, recommended by the tattoo artist.  Since then, its been a staple item in our household!

Cracked Hands and Feet - smooth the ointment into skin and wear gloves/socks if you want to, to hold the moisture in even more!

Dry-itchy skin from Eczema

Minor Cuts and Burns

And their newest product for chapped lips

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