Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drug Store Bargain Buy Week Facts

I have some super fun facts for you about drug store brands in honor of my self-elected Drug Store Brand Week!

Here are the top drug store brands in America in the last 6 months:

1. Olay
2. L'Oreal
3. Neutrogena
4. Pantene
5. Aveeno

Top Selling Drug Store Brand in 2006: Maybelline
and their top spokesperson was Zhang Ziyi

Top Selling Drug Store Brands in 2013: L'Oreal
and their top spokesperson was Beyonce

Drug Store Bargain Buy Week Bonus Post!

Sometimes you can fund the coolest TOOLS at the drug store - below, check out my bonus post for Drug Store Bargain Buy Week


Goody Bun Spiral ($6)

This awesome tool helps keep hair up dos in place by securing your bun without any damage (tip: have a few bobby pins handy for securing the ends)

Revlon Tweezers ($8)

These tweezers are such a bargain, they work just as good as my $30 Tweezerman ones and they are under $10!

ECO Tools Bamboo Foundation Brush ($10)

This foundation brush is super soft and supple and dries quick after washing your makeup out of the bristles!

Drug Store Bargain Buy Week - Day 4

Is it Day 4 already on this awesome countdown?!?!  I've got a REAL awesome buy in store for you - and it's in the SKINCARE category!

Eucerin's Gentle Hydrating Cleanser ($10) is noncosmegenic, so it works with ANY skin type to perfectly balance PH and the natural texture of you skin

I've used this cleanser since the first time trying it over a year ago!  It's a never fail option because it never irritates but I really does clean!

Even if you don't have sensitive skin (mine is only sensitive during acne breakouts) its still a great product!

Bonus:  What's new from Eucerin? Word on the street (ok, other beauty blogs) is that Eucerin released a 'Dermo' line

that is a high quality skincare line in a great price point that uses the power of lactic acid to remove debris and make skin tighter and more youthful!

Right now its not available in the country, but I am still searching!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy National Lipstick Day!

In Honor or National Lipstick Day - I am going to list my favorite lipsticks!

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in "Legende" ($32)

Kat Von D's Everlasting Lipstick in "Backstage Bambi"

Chanel Rouge Allure Mat Velvet Lipstick in "La Somptuese" ($32)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in "Honey" ($9)

That's whats in my main rotation right now for lipstick!  What's YOUR fav?!

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Drug Store Bargain Buy Week - Day 1 part 2

I think it's time for another eye makeup product, sadly, I don't seem to like ANY of the eyeliner's I've tested and none of the shadows are pigmented enough for me

So we're back to mascara!  This new hot product from Maybelline (again!) called "Big Eyes" Mascara ($9)

And here are the deets:

- You have 2 ends, one meant for bottom lashes and one for top
- The waterproof version is awesome, not drying and doesn't smudge
- There are several shades of black, meaning inky to charcoal-y
- It really separated and added length to my lashes

I've been applying it with the smaller brush all over first to really separate and it really made a difference!

I had a guest-tester!

My gorgeous niece Samantha tried the product with me, and she really liked it too!

I will go ahead and say that I think its the best drug store mascara I've used, and beats out:

Revlon Lash Potion

Cover Girl Lash Blast

and L'Oreal Double Extension

Drug Store Bargain Buy - Day 3

Are you loving this week's theme?  I know I loved testing and trying out products!!!

Today's bargain buy is a lip product, which has long been the product that women want to buy when they are in the mood for making a cosmetic purchase!  So buy on!

Today's Lip Pick is Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain crayon, $8

I'm sorry, but for $8 you can't find a better stain crayon!  I've tried Stila, POP Beauty, Tarte, and Bare Essentials and I prefer this one EVERY time, I actually have EVERY color!

Why it's great:
- Nice range of colors
- The color LASTS - it really does, and I mean hours
- Its the perfect texture, a blend of gloss and stain
- Its self sharpening
- Its easy to apply

The most universal shade is "Honey" it literally looks good on anyone!  I am never without 'Darling' because its the perfect punch of color to amp up my look on the go!

Its really worth checking out this great lip bargain buy!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Drug Store Lipstick Showdown

It's a bonus post for Drug Store Bargain Buy Week - and its a SHOWDOWN!!!

In one corner, we have Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick ($7)
Regular Shades
"Vivid" Shades

And in the other corner we have Revlon's ColorBurst Lipstick ($8)
Premiering with 10 Shades

Maybelline's Punches:
- Outstanding Color Selection
- Higher pigment (read: more color less filler)

Revlon's Punches:
- Smoother application
- Semi-hydrating

The winner is:


Maybelline had the lead, until after the re-application (after several hours - it did have staying power!) when it starting caking up and peeling.  I also thought it dried my lips out.

There you have it!  Revlon Lipstick for the WIN!

Drug Store Bargain Buy Week - Day 2

Today's Drug Store Bargain Buy is Almay's CC Cream, $10

Why it's great:
-Great range of shades, rather the typical light, medium & dark - with this you actually get six shades to choose from
- It blends really well
- Its not greasy at all
- It has a pleasant, if subtle, scent
- It's about 40% cheaper than some comparable CC Creams
- Moderate coverage

CC stands for 'color correcting' so this is great for uneven skin, sun spots or acne spots that you want to fade.  I also love that you get Broad Spectrum sun protection (as you will with most CC Creams, but they didn't skimp here, you get SPF 35!)

In my test, it beat out L'Oreal's Lift CC Cream as far as color and consistency

It's worth $10 to have it use when you aren't wearing foundation (these creams are not intended to give you coverage like a foundation - but for most its all the coverage you need when combined with concealer) or for every day!

Give it a try!