Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oxybensone and avobenzone free sun protection

Here are some product recommendations for you and your family to avoid what could be, a potentially harmful (and popularly used) ingredient: oxybensone

Oxybensone has been linked to free-radical (re: cancer causing) damage in adults.  Although the Skin Cancer institute will not confirm that this is true, they can confirm that this chemical should not be used on children or pregnant women.  Additionally, it is ALWAYS better to use a form of sun protection, even with this ingredient, than ever going a day without using SPF!

My favorite: Honest Co's chemical free SPF ($8+) and Target

Super smooth with tons of application options available: Supergoop Products
Sephora and Ulta $15-$45

Hydrating and great for makeup wearers: Coola sun care $8-$25