Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Introducing Jakie Oates

It may be an introduction for you and me, but many people are already well aware of Jakie Oates, and her 'color supplement' product! (as well as other products)

The color supplement product is a gentle base for PALE skin types (we all feel a little pale right now, I know) and also those types of skin that are prone to redness (me!)

It uses oats and honey, which are key natural ingredients to hydrate and sooth irritated skin!

You can use this supplement as a foundation/concealer in the same way you would apply a tinted moisturizer:  just scoop out some product on your finger and smooth into skin.  It immediately tones down redness and creates a clearer, more even-toned complexion (remember, specifically for paler skin!) You can also blend with a moisturizer for very dry skin.

The main ingredient is Soya Oil (from the soya bean) which helps provide the soothing moisture!

The original formula was invented for the incredibly pale skin, that with a nearly transparent rosy look, so a yellow toned formula was also introduced for the pale but yellow tinted (those capable of getting some color in the summer months)

I'm eager to try it!

Check it out at:

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