Saturday, June 29, 2013

One of the Worst Hair Habits You Didn't Know You Were Guilty Of!

You maybe don't know that brushing your hair when its wet is possibly one of the WORST things for your hair (second only to using high heat on styling tools - why are you still doing that?)

When hair is wet, it stretches very easily, meaning it breaks very easily.  We often measure the damage by how much hair comes out or how frizzy it is, which really aren't direct indicators.  If you have a lot of flyaways on top of your head after drying hair - you are probably guilty of the 2 biggest hair sins

1- Using too much heat
2 - Brushing wet hair

Ok, but we HAVE to brush out our hair, right?  Well sure, we do - but we can reduce damage by trying a few of these tools

Use a leave in conditioner or apply some Argan Oil to the bottom half of hair BEFORE even brushing out.  This helps by easing friction and allowing your hair tool to move through the hair

Use a wide tooth comb or this nifty new invention

The Tangle Teezer

Cheapest I found it was $17 here:

For a video from the inventory of the Tangle Teezer, click on this link:

Ok good, now you're not going to be snapping your wet hair when you first [gently] comb it out....but what else can you do?  Well, keep that theme going and dry your hair halfway in sections BEFORE using a brush. 

I know we all love when we get a blowout, but believe it or not the process of pulling and forcing heat from a dryer on very wet hair is super damaging!

So dry sections loosely about halfway when grab the brush!


I can't believe how many people I talk to that are drying their hair on high or using their flat iron at 500 degrees! AHHHHH!!!

Most hair only needs low or medium heat, especially when flat ironing.  Try it, I promise you that you'll get just the same styling power on medium heat, if not lower!  Its only very course, thick or kinky hair that needs the high heat.

Also, use swift movements and do not hold a curling iron or flat iron on hair for more than 60 seconds for the entire 2 inch section.

Making these changes will make a huge difference for your hair health and you'll notice less breakage and flyaways!  Happy Styling!

Neon and Nude Mani!

While randomly searching for some half-moon manicure ideas to use my fav neon color with (chartruse)

I discovered a really cool color combo trend that I am going to do ASAP!  I love it!  Its Neon + Nude manicures!

First I saw this

Use Hole Punch Stickers to Get the Look

and then it made me think of one of my favorite pairs of shoes

and I decided to research it further!  Check out some of the awesome Neon + Nude Manicures I've found!

(try Orly's manicure tape strips to make this look super easy and flawless!)

(Look at those adorable decals!)

Just a stripe of the neon, no tape or guide needed

Ombre fade using a sponge

(love this look and how they paired Zoya's Pixie Dust with it!)

(You can totally free-hand this if you go slow!)

(Love it with grey instead of black!)

(Another free-hand look)

(I'll admit that I tried this one, and failed, but I will try again!)

So there you have it!  Some Neon and Nude (and a few other sprinkled in)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Why You Should Give Cream Blush a Try

You'd be amazed how many people I turn on to cream blush!

I know it might seem intimidating - but try it and you'll realize it looks more natural and blends better than powder

You can go with my favorite method of application - the ring finger to dab just the tiniest bit of product onto the apples of my cheeks
My favorite brand of cream blush is Make Up For Ever's HD Blush, you squeeze a dot onto the hand and dip the ring finger in it and slowly flush the apples of cheeks.  This blush LASTS, doesn't melt and gives the perfect depth of color

For applying with a stippling brush (takes more time and gives the slightest hint of color that you and build and sculpt with the brush)  I like this for control and building color and also for when I'm contouring with the deeper shade

For a good compact cream blush, try NYX cream blush at Ulta for under $12
Remember: still dab excess of on back of hand even when using a brush!

Also, when using a stick blush, never apply from the stick to your face, the color will be too harsh, instead, dab with your ring finger and use that to apply to your face
My #1 Pick for those new to cream blush:
E.L.F's blush & bronze duo, $3

The pink is super peachy and natural on anyone and the deeper color works great when you have a tan or for contouring (see past post, you can search in the search box on top of the page)

My #1 Pick for the perfect neutral pink flush
Make Up For Ever #6 in "quickie"

My #1 Pick for something daring
NYX Cream Blush in "Red Cheek"

Rosa M Beauty on the Radio??!!?

I just want to thank all my followers & supporters as of late - you motivate me to be a better makeup artist and beauty blogger and people are taking notice!

Good stuff in the works for me lately!

Link to my latest TV segment: Homemade Beauty Products

I really enjoyed doing the research for my homemade beauty products segment, and I hope you enjoy the four practical homemade beauty treatments that you can do yourself at home!

Link to video:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Be a Bird of Paradise

It's officially SUMMER people!  Time to start wearing corals, turquoise and bronzer - if not for any other reason than, you can!  Yeah!

Dior knows that when the summer weather hits, us beauty addicts want and NEED hot summer colors to satisfy our appitite!  so they launched Bird of Paradise (Nordstroms,, Sephora, Bloomingdales)

The look is like an exotic peacock

The entire collection is gorgeous
but I've scoped out the specific products that you should splurge on (Dior is not really a friendly price point)!!

If you were immediately drawn to the eye shadow in these looks and you really don't have anything like it in your makeup kit - then at the very least you need to splurge on the shadow palette ($60) - which is boldly pigmented, perfectly shimmery, and ultra smooth and soft on the eye!

You'll see that there are TWO palettes in the collection.  I prefer the one with the blue in the middle (featured) because it gives you all the tones and shades on that spectrum to create gorgeous eye looks (you can also grab a different compact from your own kit that has the pale colors in it like the other one!

For the eyeliner, I actually prefer a navy liner, rather than overload on the aqua color, Dior's aqua liner is $40
<em>Dior</em> Summer'13 <em>Bird Of Paradise</em> Diorshow Liner Waterproof 348 Aqua ...
But you'll get the same affect with Stila's Waterproof liner for $18 (sephora)

Say you have similar shadows and liners, and you're looking for something else - you'd probably just pick up a lipcolor right?!  Well scratch that (although Dior's are very nice, they just aren't worth the money to me!) and drop $40 on their new Nude Tab BB Cream

 <em>Dior</em> Beauty Summer Look 2013 Nude Tan BB Cream

This product is an extension of the original Nude BB Cream line

and what it has is a bronze glow to it that is super natural with a soft finish that actually protects skin with Broad Spectrum SPF.  Although this product is a moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skintone evener and smoother - it also gives you that boost of color if you've got a tan or are regularly using tan towels (I love it with that combo!!!!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beauty Treatments from the Kitchen!

I'll admit, I am totally on the trend of organic products (ok, I'll never give up my need for probably unhealthy chemical ridden makeup products!)

As much as I can I guess!

But I did narrow down the 4 Most Practical Homemade Beauty Products!

Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Cleanse
I didn't realize that I had some buildup (I do love dry shampoo!) until I tried rinsing my wet hair with apple cider vinegar - AND even daring a bit to massage it into my scalp
Leaning back to avoid any possible eye contact - it reeks!

Rinse with cool water and then a bit of shampoo (no need to scrub the scalp)

I Used Heinz
Use approximately a cup

-Dry Scalp

Green Tea Bags for Tired Eyes

I really was procrastinating this one - because you really do need to lie down for a few minutes to let the coolness and the caffeine take affect

Caffeinated Green Tea Bags
Healthy Antioxidants & Caffeine Reduce Swelling
-Boil some water, its ready when it just starts to really heat up, not boiling
-Pour onto tea bag (a little water)

-Let it Cool Down, I put it in the fridge for 15 minutes
-Gently squeeze out water and place on the under eye area
-Lay back and relax, for a few minutes anyway (I really did enjoy that part!)

-Rinse with cool water, apply an eye cream

How about a cool gel de-puff eye cream from the fridge as the finale to a total fresh feeling eye ready to handle the day!?
Clinique All About Eyes Rollerball
-Reduce Swelling
-Reduce Darkness
-Tightens Skin
-Provide Relief from Irritated or Dry Skin

Annnnd...better than cucumbers

Papaya Exfoliating Mask

This sounded messy and irritating honestly, but ended up being super easy and was a treatment I actually felt was worth the effort

Split a Papaya, take half scoop out the seeds and cut the ripe & tender part of the fruit and blend it (you've got a lot to work with so be choosy!)

I added a little but of honey to thicken it up and give it some consistency

Apply with a popsicle stick or fingers and gently rub onto skin to activate the enzymes

It's best to lie back when its on to give it a chance to dry a bit, the consistency is best when thinner
Rinse off with cool water - skin should feel smooth and tight

PS- Don't feel guilty for picking this up to get the same affect, we can't all be Martha Stewart-like!

BUT, you can also eat the rest of the fruit or...put it on some frozen yogurt like I did

Last but not least...

Uses for Lemon Juice
My FAVORITE webcomic of all time Natalie Dee
Rub on Nails to Whiten and Increase Strength
This worked especially well for my toe nails, that are so consistently covered in polish that they were bound to be discolored!

You can try this method:

or you can soak a Q Tip in lemon juice and rub on nails

As an Exfoliator on Skin (Hands and Dry Spots)
A little lemon juice, coconut oil and sugar if you prefer - to create a makeshift scrub

I found this how-to online

Now you've got some practical homemade beauty treatments that you can feel good about!!!

Check out my Bridge Street Segment at 10am on June 27th, Channel 9 in Syracuse when I'll be showing these treatments on the show!