Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go Green for Earth Day

For once I am not talking about recycling or planting a tree!  I'm literally talking about GREEN, as in a beauty look!

Over the weekend I ventured out to try a lime green/neon yellow makeup look that would actually translate into a look that everyone could try!  (not just for crazy runway shows - even though I love that too!)

Some of my inspirations were:

This international magazine cover with Scarlett Johansen

I absolutely LOVE the green eyes with the pink lip - it really does remind you of a strawberry, their creative editors obviously made the connection too!

I was also inspired by a Russian Beauty magazine color feature that was all green and yellow - some of this season's hottest shades.  Obviously, I am not suggesting that you go out to the mall with crayon-yellow lips - the point is that the color schemes inspire you to a great look, like Scarlett's above.

Some other inspirations for my new color craving:

You can take these inspirations, and translate them as basic as a bright green eyeliner look (I recommend you pair it with a coral or tan blush and light toned lip color)

Or you can amp up the color a bit and use multiple shades of greens, yellows and even blues (this look seems created with cream shadows)

If the green right next to your lash line seems to drastic (for some skin tones it will be) then you can do with a traditional liner and mascara look, and sweep on lime green shadow across the lid, and on the lower lash line:

For light blue eyes, I recommend bringing in some yellow.  The thought of yellow eyeshadow might make some of you cringe, but apply with a 'pointed' eyeshadow brush in a semi-circle motion and you can create a really fun look for the summer (especially paired with a great sun dress!)
 For the yellow, no need to invest tons of cash on a look you won't do often, try Cover Girl eyeshadow ($4 at Drugstores) in Lime Alive (a yellow-green)

Other Products to Try to Create these Looks:
I like loose pigments, such as this NYX loose shadow

$6 at Drugstores

Bare Essentuals Lime Green Loose shadow, $12

(at the BE store, Ulta or Sephora)

I also like MAC "Steamy," "Frosted Lime" and "Lucky Green" Eyeshadow($16 at Macy's)

These MAC colors can create this look by building from dark to light up the eyelid:

If you are someone that rarely steps out of your comfort zone, and the bright green just seems to extreme for you, then try a shade of green a bit darker. 

Olives and military greens and tans are a perfect segway into trying new colors!

Here she just used an all over champagne colored eyeshadow, then did the olive green shadow on her brow bone.  Followed by an olive green eyeliner all the way around the eyes (but thin).  Smudge a bit of a bright green near the lash line, and concentrate some of the champagne colored eyeshadow on the inside of the eye to create brightness. 

Notice her cheek color is very soft, as well as the nude lip.  This brings all the attention to the eyes!  Love this look, and its very easy to achieve.

For the olive green I recommend this bare essentuals eye shadow in Patina:

Its a high shimmer olive green (far right)

I also suggest using your own eyeshadow brush the first time you use the product.  The wand is great, but it holds a lot of product and the color will go on VERY dark if you apply the wand directly to your eye area.  The good news about this product is its price ($14!) and its very blend able and easy to use!!  You can create many eye looks!

You can also use brown eyeliner if you haven't invested in an olive green shade yet! 

For fairer skin tones, you can also segway into the olive green trend, like Ms Taylor Swift here:

Its the same premise, but the black eyeliner (versus brown) forces you to tone down the darkness of the eyeshadow.  Still keep the soft cheek color (for fairer tones, lean more towards leach then tan) and a nude or peach lip.

Soon you'll be into the brighter greens too!
Gleek Out(OPI Nail Color in "Gleek Out" exclusively at Sephora)

Are you ready to GO GREEN?!

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