Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Solid Shampoo!?


I think I had heard of solid shampoo, but assumed it was some naturalist-hippie trend sold at organic food markets in Arizona or something....

but solid shampoo is establishing a presence in the beauty community, and I think I like the idea!

It kinda looks like a cookie, and certainly SMELLS fabulous!

But what's the deal?  I don't think I can give up my liquid shampoo, that lather, the known results...

What is the draw here?

Well. solid shampoo travels so well!  Think about it, one little 'cake' in your travel bag...and you are all set!  Some of the dry shampoos come with a travel tin

They carry aromatherapy scents to make your shower a rejuvenating experience!

They make your hair shiny!
This woman used the most popular brand of solid shampoo by LUSH

It reduces hair follicle damage, resulting in less hair loss during your shower!

It removes excess oil naturally(with organic ingredients like juniper)

Karma Komba Solid Shampoo
There are MANY formulas and recipes for all hair types (just like liquid shampoo) AND its easy to make at home!

One solid shampoo bar equals 3 normal size bottles of shampoo!  What a savings!

How do you use it?

According to the LUSH website:
Simply wet your hair and the puck of solid shampoo and "brush your hair" with it three times on the left, right and behind your head. That's it!

My 2 to try from LUSH are the Godiva and the Dr. Peppermint:

Godiva has Shea butters and other natural ingredients to make hair silky and shiny.  $9.95 a bar
Godiva Solid Shampoo
Dr. Peppermint stimulates the scalp (and hair growth) also $9.95
Dr. Peppermint Solid Shampoo Bar
Check out all the LUSH formulas at

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