Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Chanel Lipcolor!

I am a SLAVE to all things Chanel, and they lipcolors are no exception!  So of course I am going to blog about the new lipcolor product they are launching this week:

In a shocking twist (to those that follow modelling contracts) Chanel decided to bring their model they use in France, Vanessa Paradis, mainstream to promote this product in the US. 

Many of you may know that Vanessa is Johnny Depp's long-time love and mother to their children.

The brand is offering this new formula in 18 shades:

The color is high-shine, like a gloss, but with a lip-balm feel, and retails for $32.  What you get that makes it different from a "chap-stick" is the pigmentation, it will offer you a lipstick color with a light-weight gloss feel that will add hydration to your lips.  Perfect for summer!!!

I grabbed "Miami Shine"

which is a tropical coral- to compare it to the Dior Addict Lipshine that I blogged about last week.  For sure they are the same consistency and they offer the same pigmentation and hydration.  What I like about the Chanel version is that it provides more color - whereas the Dior was very shiny with less color (left).

Its also important to note that the 18 shades were each inspired by Ms. Coco Chanel herself! (created by the current Chanel beauty team)

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