Friday, August 3, 2012

Save your hair, one pony tail at a time!

I am totally addicted to Twistband's Hair Ties, they are made from super soft elastic fabric and look so much nicer than those nasty rubber bands that damage hair!

Twistbands are damage free AND they don't leave the 'bump' in the hair (perhaps they will if you tie it very tight and wear it for many hours)

They are $18 for a 12pack

and I love the pretty colors and the way they look in the hair

Twistband also makes headbands ($4 each)

For those of you involved in clubs or organizing events, you can order custom Twistbands with your very own message printed on them!  More info here:

Remember, ponytails are NOT just for post-workouts....they can be glam too!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Splurge vs Steal: Palettes

I LOVE palettes that travel well, like ones that give you eye and cheek color in one convenient case!  So I am reviewing a splurge vs. steal on that exact type of palette today!

The STEAL:  Stila's "Lovely in London" palette, $16 at Sephora and Ulta
Stila - Lovely In London Travel Palette
with an average color price of $2.60, you really ARE getting a steal.  This adorable little kit gives you five matte and shimmery shadows, with an all-over-color for face in a neutral flush pink that works on everyone!  This palette is perfect for the nudes & natural trend that is big this summer

The SPLURGE:  NARS is universally known for the incredible shimmery flush blush, notably named 'orgasm' and trust me...women everywhere are PLEASED!  (lol!)  They just released a limited edition palette for $49 at Sephora called the "Foreplay Palette"

You get four blushes (avg price of the items in the palette is $12, and one single 'orgasm' blush, the large square shown, sells for $28) in peach, gold, pink and the famous 'orgasm' which is a shimmery natural flush.

And the WINNER is.....The SPLURGE!  I hate to part with $50 over blush, BUT, the color pigments are so high quality, they put the Stila palette to shame!  Not only that, you can pop this sleek and beautiful NARS palette in your makeup bag, and that's all the blush shades you'll need for all your looks through fall!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The NEWEST in lashes & liners - AMAZING

I am about to BLOW YOUR are you sitting down?

How did I not think of this myself?  well, it doesn't matter, Too Faced cosmetics did the test work for us and has brought us a new savior in eye makeup, the THREE WAY LINER!
Too Faced - 3 - Way Lash Lining Tool

So you have three options in one waterproof perfect black product

First is the three dots, which is dotted into the lash line to give the base some OOMPF and give the illusion of fuller lashes!

Next is the 'tight' or thin line

Lastly is the thick line which gives an incredible cat eye, just tilt the liner to the side!

You can buy this awesome product for only $22 at Sephora & Ulta, that's like paying 7 bucks for each of the functions!  That's a major bargain!!!

I would rate this as beginner to moderate liquid liner user friendly, especially because if you have gaps in your liner you can use the 'dots' to fill it in!  Its worth the money!!!

Teeth Whitening on the GO!

I've been waiting for a product like this FOREVER!  I love products that I can keep in the car and use quickly while I am driving somewhere (to work or between appointments) and sometimes when I apply a certain shade of lipstick, I hate that my teeth don't look their whitest

which is really just a tint of the lipstick that can create that effect.....but I wish there was a quick to use on the go tooth whitener...and BAM!  Now there is!

GLO - Everyday GLO™ Teeth Whitening Maintenance

Meet GLO everyday on the go whitener!  Its only $25 (Sephora & QVC) and it has this amazingly fresh mint taste!  You just brush onto teeth and you're done.  It does its magic and there is hardly any effort on your part, but to remember to use it!

The $25 supply will last 30 days if you use it daily, which I think is a great deal!  Now it won't matter what shade of lipstick you're wearing, OR how much red wine you drank!

How much is too much to spend on Shampoo?

A survey conducted by Tresseme discovered that women spend an average of $8 on Shampoo (appx $120 a year for both shampoo & conditioner)

So whether you're a drug store brand user, or a salon quality user....women seem to have an internal limit to what they will spend on Shampoo.....

So what's yours??

I would say that mine is $20 each for shampoo & conditioner (because for a long time I used Fekkai, which was $22 each) and that is probably why I can't bring myself to buy Keratese

At about $35 a bottle...even though women all over SWEAR by it and say its the very best!  I just can't do it!