Friday, April 1, 2011

Get Blake Lively's California-Girl Hair!

Blake showed up last night to the CinemaCon and Warner Bros parties yesterday looking so California-Girl Chic!  This simple look can easily be duplicated!  Wear it down during the day, then pull into a messy bum for going out to happy hour!

Get those "Beachy Waves" in your hair - which screams California-Girl!

For a great excuse to buy a 'no clip' curling iron - read on!

  1. Turn upside down and spray freshly washed roots with volumizing or texturizing spray. Massage it in.
  2. If hair is naturally coarse or curly, work a straightening balm through hair. 
  3. Brush hair (this works the product evenly through hair). Blowdry hair straight, starting at the roots to get extra volume. Hair must be completely dry for this look to work. Blow cold air at the roots to add volume (cold air locks in a style).
  4. Separate hair into three sections, securing with a clip. (It's easier this way to curl your way through each section).
  5. To curl hair, use a wide-barrel curling iron. Starting with one section, take a 1-inch portion of hair, spritz it with styling spray or hairspray. Wrap hair around the barrel of the curling iron. (Wrapping hair is different from the traditional curling method. You don't want to 'clip' hair into the barrel. Wrapping allows you to curl all the way to the root). When you're curling, make sure to leave ends loose to avoid a crimp mark.

    Release the curl after about 5-10 seconds (any more than that and you will damage your hair). You should have a corkscrew curl.
  6. Alternate the direction of the curl as you work your way through each section. (It's all in the direction you wind hair around the barrel of the curling iron. Start by placing hair on top of the barrel and wrapping around, then switch by putting the barrel on top of the hair before winding it around). Alternating directions makes curls look more natural. Some curls can remain tight, some loose.
  7. Remove nozzle from dryer and gently loosen waves with cool air. You can also separate curls with your fingers, just make sure not to brush them out.
  8. To add shine, spritz a saltwater spray. I tried Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray and it was amazing!
  9. Set with hairspray. Just don't overdo it, you don't want new waves to feel "crunchy."

You end up with killer Cali-Girl hair!!

Right from the California Coast!

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