Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Get the Everyday Smokey Eye Look

The crazy smokey eye look is OUT, especially with warmer weather sweeping in (hopefully?!) and its certainly not work-appropriate.  Below I will outline for you the steps to create a smokey eye look that works day or night, and even with Spring dresses!

Here is what you need to create a look like this:

Base Shadow:  This can be a powder or cream shadow, and should be close to your skin tone.  I usually opt for Make Up For Ever's Cream Aqua Cream Shadow in #13 ($22 at Sephora)


Dark Shadow:  You will need the darkest shadow you are comfortable with.  If you are an experienced makeup wearer, I recommend a dark graphite (black/grey) color, such as Bare Essentuals Eye Shadow in "Graphite" for $13 at BE Stores or Sephora:

I also LOVE doing a smokey eye with burgundy and plum-based shades!  I like LORAC eyeshadow in "After Party" After Party

If you are a novice with a smokey eye, start with a dark brown in a matte shade, such as Make Up For Ever's "Chocolate Matte 29" Chocolate Matte 29

Blending Eyeshadow:  One makeup product I am constantly using, is a blending shade.  As I create dark eye looks, often I want to either tone down the darkness, or I want to blend the dark into the light without adding more of either.  So a blending shade is the perfect tool!  I routinely use the following 2 blending shades

The first, Bare Essentuals Eyeshadow in Moss  $13 at BE stores or Sephora.  Don't let the name fool you, I am not suggesting you add green, its a hyper-shimmery gold-green shade that works on all skin tones.  If I've done your makeup, I've probably used it on you!

The second, The Balm's "Overshadow"
Available in four "ladies" (shades)

I use the lightest shade called "No Money No Honey" which is very shimmery!!!!

Eye Liner:  I'm basically addicted to Bare Essentual's Big and Bright Eye Liner right now ($14), so I will only suggest it.  For the novice, go with the plum shade, for the more-experienced cosmetic user, go with the traditional black.



Mascara:  Use your favorite!

Eyeshadow Brush:  I like these 2 types of brushes


Now that you have your supplies, start by priming the eye with your base shadow:

Then use the pointed brush to create a "V" shaped crescent on your outer corners.  Start with a small amount of color and build it up

To connect the light and dark, take your flat brush and use a blending shadow.  Start in the middle of the eyelid and sweep to the darker area.

Now you can apply your eyeliner, start from the OUTSIDE and work your way IN.

with the BE Liner, there is a built in smudger (I know, I love it!)
bareMinerals Big & Bright Eyeliner
So you can use it to smooth the eyeliner to make it blend better!  You can also do a thin line halfway on the lower lashes and smudge to add depth.

Finish with a coat of mascara, and you are done with the Subtle Smokey Eye Look!

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