Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 HOT Fragrances Right Now!

These three fragrances are so HOT and so RIGHT NOW that I have to mention them!  In no particular order, here is what I am rocking for pre-fall 2013

In my purse: Juicy Couture Rollerball Duo $25
Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy & Viva La Juicy Noir Rollerball Duo
You get Viva la Juicy AND the new Viva la Juicy Noir in one convienient rollerball for your purse!  You can't beat getting 2 sexy scents for $25!  I like to apply a but of the Viva la Juicy in the AM as a boost, or before a meeting....I put the 'Noir' on in the car on my way to an event or even just errands after work, its muskier and smoother.

Paired with my Glam Outfits: YSL's Manifesto
Yves Saint Laurent - MANIFESTO
Whoa, this scent is so sexy, only the perfection that is Jessica Chastain can be the spokesmodel (and the muse of the scent!)

If $62 for the 1oz is over the top for you - you can get a mini spray for $25 at Ulta stores now!  Its green, bold, and sensual and makes me want to put on a ball gown and stand up straight!  Perfect for thwn you need to be feeling glam!

When I need to feel sexy: Gucci Guilty

$56 for 1oz or make it sexy-on-the-go for the $25 purse spray

and how can you not feel sexy when Chris Evans is the spokesmodel?!!?  Yum-o!

So those are my top 3 fragrances right now - check it out for yourself!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spotlight on Hourglass

The revolutionary brand, founded by renowned beauty expert Carisa Janes, is acclaimed for its breakthrough formulations, technological innovations, and unwavering commitment to reinvention. Infused with groundbreaking active ingredients, the complexion products create unbelievably surreal skin. Distinguished by sensorial textures, modern color collections, and sleek custom packaging, Hourglass puts the art in state-of-the-art.
(from the Hourglass website)

I have tried some samples of Hourglass products, most notably their Veil Mineral primer ($52)
Hourglass - Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15
which is very nice (but for the price I've found comparable ones) but I never really went back to the brand.  A few months ago, they launched a set of highlighting compacts and when I saw them in person I swooned, they are stunning!

Each one of these 6 compacts is more beautiful than the next - but I love the pink-toned one called "Mood Light"

At $45 each they are a splurge, but the pigment went a long way and I LOVE that they are multi-use.  For example, you can dust them all over with a fluffy brush for an all over subtle glow, or you can use a blunt smaller brush to apply to specific areas in a more concentrated way - to really bring light to your face.  They never look glittery or greasy - basically, they are the classy woman's sparkle!!!

Newly launched is the Femme Nudes Lip Stylo Collection

and I don't know what I love more, the packaging or the product!!  Six shades to choose from at $30 each _P381207_link

and you're basically choosing the exact shade of nude for your skin tone

they are are in a similar color range, some warmer than others, but ALL are complimentary!  I went for the palest and the deepest just to have some range - and I know now that you can't go wrong with ANY color they offer!

The shades:

Not only does the application feel glam because it is so hydrating, but the color is gorgeous and its the perfect compliment to simple every day looks or even when you are creating a nude look that will LAST:

I also love that they self-sharpen by twisting up!  So convenient!  This will be a staple in my purse going forward!

Stop in to Sephora to pick up one of the new lip stylos and grab a sample of their primer to try - you might just find your next splurge!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

My beautiful clients from this weekend

I wanted to share some photos of my lovely makeup artistry clients from this weekend.  The Bride, Cara, was so stunning in her gown I had to hang around to watch some of her photography shots!  The seven bridesmaids were all just as lovely and kind and everyone had such a fun personality!  It's jobs like this that make all my efforts worth while!  Thanks you beautiful ladies!

The ladies putting on jewelry

Look at that beautiful smile!

Just some of my lovely clients

HAD to show her dress - amazing!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thanks for Visiting me at the Fair

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Fair to watch my LIVE audience makeover!  Special thanks for my mom and stepdad (you guys are always at everything!) and a great blast from the past - Gregorio!

It was so great to see a friendly face and his lovely mom!

The Producer selected an audience member to have a hair and makeup style applied live on stage!  Our subject was the very sweet Anita, who was laid back and went for it!  The hair stylist from Adagio Salon straightened and cut 5" off her hair on stage!  Then I mixed her a custom foundation and applied soft golden tones on the eyes.  I also accentuated her brows.

The intro to the segment is here:

As soon as the station posts the before and after shots, I will post them!

Here is a shot of the closing segment, our made over guest on the far left!
I loved meeting several others at the show taping, thank you for all the positive comments

I'm excited about Fall 2013 Collections

I'm really psyched to get into fall colors - like deep vampy lip shades...
Chanel Rouge Allure in La Sompteuse

Tarte Matte Navy and Black Shadow

Eyeko Liquid Liner in Black

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What the heck am I supposed to do with Orange nail polish?

Ok, so I was super excited to receive my second IPSY subscription bag with my sample and full size goodies

If you don't know what IPSY is, check it out:

and in there was a box of Nailtini polish - and when I opened it I ORANGE.  Like true orange, not coral, etc.  I was not thrilled.  I threw it in my polish drawer and rolled my eyes and another love lost.  But as I was searching out the Internet for some other inspirations - I decided to do a little research about what I COULD do if I REALLY wanted to give this orange a fair shot.  I was surprised that I actually liked a lot of the ideas!  Check it out and let me know which one you think I should try!!!

Pair it with Pink

Go for Leopard Print!

Create a Monarch Butterfly

Make it Girly with Dots and Bows

Try a Geometric Print

A Small White Decal makes it look Delicate

Combine it with something unexpected - like Plum

Top it with a Matte Top Coat

Create a Tribal Print

Monday, August 19, 2013

Battle of the Glycolic Peels

Sounds kinda futuristic huh?  The Galactic Glycolic Peel Battle is ON!  I recently reviewed REN's Gentle Glycolic Peel and gave it a GLOWING (hehe) review - check out that blog post here:

But then my IPSY monthly subscription beg of goodies came, and in there was ANOTHER glycolic peel!!  REALLY?!!?  I was going to throw it in the "to test in the WAY future" pile, but I read up on the line from Michael Todd True Organics

and I was intrigued, after all, it was Sunday - and I have been doing my peels every Sunday night since discovering the REN product.  This particular peel was made from pumpkins and it smells good enough to eat - so then I KNEW I was going to have to try it!

Michael Todd Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask is SUPER powerful AND its all natural!!!

The amazing natural scent of the pumpkin wasn't even the best part -

The best part was the RESULTS!  I applied and instantly it started to TINGLE, ok, it kinda burned a bit - but not enough that I was uncomfortable or worried, actually, it felt like it was WORKING and that was what I really loved.

I washed it off after about 8 minutes and my skin was extremely tight and noticeably brighter.  I moisturized and the next morning I felt like I noticed a HUGE difference when I washed my face - my skin felt and looked brighter and softer! 


This mask is $32.50 on, which is less expensive than the REN and I feel like I noticed that the Michael Todd had better results!

If you're very sensitive, the REN is for you - but if you don't really have any irritation or overly sensitive skin - I REALLY think you should give this mask a try - you might not believe your eyes - that's younger skin you've got there!!!

Check out some before & after glycolic peel results (best if done once per week)

Come Meet me at the State Fair this Friday

Hi followers!  I will be part of the LIVE broadcast of Bridge Street this Friday from the Great New York State Fair!  I will be giving a lucky live audience member a makeover!  I also just heard that the lucky lady will also be getting an updo from a hairstylist as well!

Come check us out!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Finally! A Glycolic Peel that Doesn't Irritate Skin!

My goodness - thank you Birchbox, for including a sample of REN's Glycolactic Radiance Peel in my June box - I FINALLY got around to trying it.  What took me so long was that usually when I see a peel I immediately think of irritated red skin for a day following its use, and I have to plan to make sure that I don't need to wear a lot of makeup that day and I can let my skin breathe.  But I finally got to try this product and I was blown away - no irritation AND super soft and radiant skin!  (like the label promises!)

This one-a-week mask is actually thin and somewhat clear

For testing purposes, I used on half of my face, so I could really see what the effects were, if any.  You smooth on a thin layer and let it set for 10 minutes.  It can be slightly tingly and warm, but that is just the ingredients working....

speaking of - what IS a glycolic peel anyway?!
Glycolic peels are derived from fruit acids and sugars.  Applying these to the skin essentially 'melts' dead skin so that it can be gently wiped away.  What this does is makes fine lines less noticeable, skin look younger, tighter and brighter - because you've revealed healthier skin better than you could with washing or even a surface scrub/exfoliate.  It also helps reduce the look of uneven skin tone and is often recommended for ethnic skin.

What is also amazing about this REN product, $55 at, is that it is missing a lot of harsher chemicals that many other peels have

by using plant-derived ingredients - you still get the benefits of the peel without the irritation.  This is a product I feel comfortable using once per week to keep my skin clear and looking youthful!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Healthy Hands

Are you tuning in today for my Bride Street segment on Healthy Hands with the gorgeous Caroline?
Hands are how we communicate with people through touch - and having healthy hands and tidy nails is a way to also show the World that we are well-kept and, at times, a professional.  When I shake hands with someone, man or woman, and their hands are rough or very dry, I often find myself wondering why they don't care for their hands - and I have a different impression of them than I would if they had trimmed nails and smooth skin!

Have you ever heard the saying that you can tell someones age by looking at their hands?  Even though that originated in old times when looking at someones hands would tell you if they were a middle-class laborer or an upper-class aristocrat that didn't need to dirty their hands - I feel that in a way it is still true today. By neglecting our hands they will age faster and can make us appear older than we are!

First, let's talk about what can cause hands to pre-mature age and dry out
1. Sun damage!  Our hands need daily SPF application AND re-application!  Keep a hand cream on your desk or in your car with an SPF in it!

2. Hot water - scalding hot water, from hot showers to washing dishes, strips the lipids in your skin.  This causes skin to pucker and crack.  You'll know you're suffering from this if you can clearly see the lines between skin cells on your hands (like the pic above)

3. Anti-bacterial over-use.  Hey, I am ALL for using anti-bacterial gel, I use it every time I leave a building or touch a public surface - but over-using this product can really damage your hands by having that same effect as hot water.  If you HAVE to use it constantly (teaching, nursing, handling money) try a lotion formula - or apply a moisturizer afterwards every few times.

4. A natural effect of aging, yes, as we age we lose the ability to hold in moisture.  So we need to not only work to remove the aging dead skin, but also moisturize in a lasting way!

5. Medications and other topical ointments can cause skin to crack and be dry. 

Steps to Healthy Hands

Exfoliate:  You need to remove dead and dry skin, but over scrubbing can strip skin and dry it out.  I've found the PERFECT product for exfoliating hands, I've been a fan of it for YEARS!

Crabtree & Evelyn's La Source Hand Remedy $26,default,pd.html?cgid=hand-care-scrubs#start=1

This scrub is super effective, but also contains ingredients like macadamia oil, that soothe skin as you exfoliate.  You might use this product and feel like you just applied lotion it makes hands so soft!!!

The next step in the Crabtree & Evelyn hand care would be the Hand Therapy $26

(also available in over 10 scents!)

You can give this powerful duo a try for only $12.50 by purchasing their 60-second fix in travel size!

You can also add in a treatment product to help prevent aging between the scrub and the moisturizer - and that is their $27 Age Defying Hand Remedy

(also available in pomegranate scent!)
This remedy had natural anti-oxidants in a very lightweight serum type formula that instantly sinks into skin!  Its just incredible and it will help prevent the signs of aging.  I highly recommend it for anyone 30 years old and up!

You can also make your moisturizer more effective by purchasing a pair of cotton gloves to wear after slathering on your product

Grab a pair at a beauty supply store for about $5 - you can do your exfoliation, treatment and moisture, put on the gloves and still stay active around the house (you can actually touch things!) while the product is working!  (but hey- I'm ALL for laying back with a book and relaxing while you do it too!)

You should exfoliate, treat and moisturize hands every other day - our hands take a beating and deserve treatment!

How to Maintain Healthy Hands

If your hands are especially dry and cracked, try this trick:  Apply a deep moisture treatment on hands while they are still wet out of the shower.  Its a special trick that dermatologists recommend for sealing in all the water that your skin just soaked up in the shower (within minutes it will start to evaporate below the surface - applying a moisturizer immediately will actually seal it in!) its also a great trick for all over the body!

Use an SPF, it doesn't have to be a specific one for hands, although if you find a hand cream you like with it in there - its a bonus!  I actually apply Lubriderm Daily Moisture SPF to my hands several times a day to protect them! ($10 at Walgreens)

Healthy Hands AND Nails!

Healthy nails make your hands look even more youthful and tidy - and for women, a manicure is a must! 

Trim cuticles

use a stainless steel disinfected cuticle trimmer to grab any hangnails or unsightly cuticles.  Note that you DON'T have to constantly cut your cuticles if you don't want to (don't bother if you aren't going to take the time to disinfect your tools and hands, it will just make cuticles get infected and red) but you SHOULD tidy them up!

Use cuticle oil

I am totally obsessed with Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil ($8 at Walgreens or Ulta)!  It is so hydrating and it sinks in with a bit of rubbing and actually provides moisture that lasts.  I like to apply every night before bed, and the light scent is heavenly.  Bonus: it prevents hangnails!

File nails at least weekly

Pro Tip: NEVER file wet nails, they should always be at least 90% dry.  Filing wet nails makes them brittle and gives them microscopic tears that can lead to broken nails and chipped polish a day or two later

Thinking of changing up your nail shape, but don't know what to go with?  Check out this super fun chart:

Now you'll know what nail shape to try to give your hands the best chance of looking healthy and youthful!

Choose light and classic polish colors for youthful hands

lighter, softer colors make hands look younger and healthier - AND they can make short or stubby fingers/nails appear longer.  If you're blessed with great nails, then go for the funky colors, but if you're not, or you generally don't like a manicure - a pale pink will work best because you also won't notice chipping as much!

So there you have it!  A quick guide to Healthy Hands!