Monday, August 29, 2011

What I want now: anything Charlotte Ronson!

Charlotte Ronson, Fashion Designer and Stylist, just launched her new cosmetics line that was inspired by the celebrities she styles and the products she uses most in her runway shows - and it's fabulous!

Charlotte's style is generally bohemian chic on the runway, and her makeup line mirror that eclectic and no-fuss look of the modern hippie

The key items in her new collection that provide easy and effortless application are her eye pallets and her amazing finishing powder

The eye pallete she created for best pal Nicole Richie is a neutral earth tone shade pallete with ultra soft powders
All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palette - Nicole
$22 exclusively at Sephora

Her other best pal, Rashida Jones (actress) was the inspiration behind her finishing powder.  This powder controls oil and shine without sacrificing a healthy glow! 
Closer Finishing Powder
$20, also exclusive to Sephora!

To shop Charlotte's clothing line, check out her line on

Get Gaga's Gold Lips

In Lady Gaga's video for "You and I" she is rockin some sexy gold lips - a hot new trend (a trend courtesy of Gaga herself!)

To get a gold pout, try one of these lipstick shades...

Try Dolce & Gabbana's "Shine On"

Bobbi Brown's Metallic Lipcolor in "Beige Gold"
Metallic Lip Color

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lash Art - The Newest in False Lashes

I love false lashes, I wear them all the time and for all types of different events, outings or occassions.  So for a gal like me, sometimes I want to go for something more daring and fun than your typical lash.  If you're like me, check out the coolest options in lash-art below!

PERFECT for cocktails with the girls!!!

Paperself Deer and Butterfly lashes, they are adorable and look amazing too!
Deer & Butterfly Eyelashes
the lashes are actually antlers and there are tiny butterflies on the tips of the lash - can you spot the deer's head on the inner corner?

From a distance you just look like you have full volume fabulous lashes, and up close you are a total electic chic - perfection!

$19 at Sephora and also in other patterns

Another trend in eyelashes is of course, feathers, which has been HUGE in hair this year!

Obviously, these looks are very fashion forward, but you can add some feather lashes and create a fun look that isn't just for runway models:

These small black feather lashes are adorable

The trick is to keep away from extreme thick lashes and go for the smaller accents


Ones to try:  ZINC lashes on
ZINK COLOR ELEGANT <em>LASH</em> False <em>eyelashes</em> F151 Shu uemura style eye ...ZINK COLOR ELEGANT <em>LASH</em> False <em>eyelashes</em> F879 Shu uemura style eye ...

try something that is nearly all black, it will blend with your face better.

It's a big trend to get into right now, and you can be daring with some of these great products!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All natural blemish solution for under $20!

I've discovered an amazing anti-blemish gel that is also all natural!  I've been using it about 10 days and I saw the difference immediately.  It reduces redness, speeds recovery, shrinks blemishes and prevents new ones....all for $15!!!!!

The product is Skyn Iceland Willow Bark Anti-Blemish Gel

you can find it at Sephora stores and online...but if you order direct through their website you get 20% off|5625|skyn%20iceland||S|e|6372406856

What I loved most about this product is that I have consistently used it for 10 days and my skin is smooth and looks great, its not dry or red from harsh acids or other chemicals that are typically found in acne products!

If you want to try something else from the line, their Glacial Facial Wash is a top seller

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Outstanding Long-Wear Eyeliner!

Featured this week is Sephora's Long Lasting Eyeliner
Long-Lasting Eye Liner
its a liquid that glides on effortlessly (makeup rookies welcome) and has incredible shine!  Oh yeah, and it's only $10 - so you can pick up a few shades!!

One of my favorites is "Fancy Blue"

and the color I am wearing today is "Glitter Brown" which has flecks of bronze glitter in it.  GORGEOUS!
07 Glitter Brown

My application tip is to start in the inner corner of the eye and line to the middle, then re-dip the wand and apply the rest of the line.  Stop at the outer corner of the eye and then determine how far out you want the 'wing' to go.  Start from the farthest point and draw the line in.  And there you have it, a great winged eye with gorgeous color!

Remember, keep eyeshadow soft and neutral when wearing a bold liner!

New Eyeliner Trend

Incredibly bold and bright eyeliner is what's in, and its an easy look to create!

My favorite look is a navy blue or bright blue liner with a very simple shadow.  Shades of blue make eyes appear whiter and brighter, which adds to this great look!

Sephora tutorials has the best lesson:

Perhaps my favorite item they recommend using is the "californian blonde" eyeshadow - which is a very neutral shade that doesn't detract from the color and look of the bold liner!

they also recommend Sephora-brand products, which are great, but I've found the following intense eyeliners to be better as far as ease of use and how they wear:

Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liner, $23 (Sephora)

there are many different shades, and this product wears through the day so well!  (and is water proof!)

I also like Urban Decay's 24/7 liner, which is also waterproof ($18 at Sephora and Ulta)

use these products lightly, you can add intensity as you go (but can't take it away)

I also like to create a 'triangle' shape at the corners and fill it in, rather than try to thicken the line in one sweep.

Another tip:  for liquid liners, don't pull at the corners of your eyes (to flatten out lash line) while applying.  This works fine with a pencil, but with a liquid it makes the application blotchy.

And with a bold eyeliner, such as the bright blue, go with natural pink and peach shades on lips.

Work this new trend with confidence, it's all the rage!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2 In 1 Soap and Body Lotion - So Smart!

For those of you always rushing in the shower in the morning, you prob are too busy to apply body lotion - and trust me, your skin suffers! 

Well, forget about it!  Because the famous UK brand "Soap & Glory" is now in the states, and their $14 body wash is just what you need, because its more than just a wash!

Clean On Me&#153; Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel

"Clean on Me" is super creamy and moisturizes skin like a lotion, and with scents like orange, rose, and strawberry - you will smell and feel amazing!

You can find this at Sephora stores next week - or you can order online at:

Or check out their full line on!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Are you applying blush correctly?

Hello beauty divas!!!  Sometimes I notice that women are not tailoring their blush application to best compliment their facial here is a quick and fresh reminder as to how to compliment your face shape when applying blush.

First, determine your face shape...there are typically 5 shapes

Long, square, round, heart, oval

Also, consider this your guideline for applying highlighter as well!

for Long shaped, apply blush directly on the apples of cheeks (the roundest part) and don't sweep the color back towards your ears

for Square shaped, (not as common, because its a broader feature that is more masculine) you apply blush in a small area on the front of your face, on the bottom half of the apples of your cheeks to create more rounded features.

for Round shaped, angle the blush color up towards the ears, but apply it on the bottom half of cheeks (on the under-side of the cheekbone)

for Heart shaped (awww...) you apply blush to the outer apples of your cheeks, and not back towards your ears or high on your cheekbone.
perhaps the most famous heart-shaped face is Reese Witherspoon

and finally, for Oval shaped faces, the best blush application is the type that will add dimension, so you sweep blush on the cheekbone and upwards towards the ears

Here is a quick summary of the face shape and application