Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't feel like wearing stockings?

Sometimes I don't either!  For business women in the Spring/Summer months, knowing when to wear stockings, and when its ok to go bare-legged can be difficult to navigate (my tip- if you are going to conduct formal business of any kind while in a skirt - stockings are necessary - no matter the weather!).

But sometimes I don't want to skip the stockings because of my pale legs (like yesterday's 85 degree day).  Well, have I got an awesome product for you ladies!!

Welcome, "Silk Stockings" and "Black Stockings"

Pimento Berries and Cinnamon Leaf Oil are used in the rich and creamy body bar to create a natural glow on the legs (anywhere really!)

Here is a swipe of the silk stockings:

The product immediatly starts to soften in your hands, and you can smooth directly onto the legs to blend in for color.  You are left with a coppery tint and an incredible scent!


Buy it for $8.95 at

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