Thursday, June 28, 2012

Late Summer Trend: ALIENS?!?!

I don't know if its because Katy Perry made Aliens sexy last year with her hit single "Extraterrestrial"

Or if Charlize Theron made us all want to be able to fit into a space suit in Prometheus (in theaters now)

but somehow one of our favorite cosmetic lines, MAC, picked up on your demand for everything outter space, and is LAUNCHING (hehe) a late summer line called

"Heavenly Creature"

As soon as I heard the name, I expected 'cosmic' looking palletes with TONS of shine (think stars reflecting off a space helmet!) and I don't think they are going to dissapoint!

Look at these eyeshadows!

Its like having your own Galaxy in a compact!

I also love the "Cremesheen" Gloss shades, they are hyper-shiny!

Aside from new colors, they also added some skincare items under the "Charged Water" name, such as this moisturizing eye cream

and three new brushes with 'fiberoptic' ends to distribute the multitude of color in these new blushes and shadows

Two of the items I have my eye on is this ultra nude lipstick in "Cusp of Dawn" for $14.50

And I snapped up the Mineralize Skin Finish in "Lightyear" for $29, which is perfect for highlighting!

to apply a highlighter you have to make sure you get temples, chin, and the brudge of the nose

applying highlighter won't make you look shiny & greasy (especially not these mineral formulas, they actually soak up oil!)

To roll in the Alien trend, try either messy updo's or slicked up top knots for hair:

And remember that it is all about the eyes, so go dramatic:

What is your mascara?

Hi ladies, I am trying to find out what people use and spend on mascara (for super serious mascara research)!

Reply here or on my facebook with:
1. Brand
2. Waterproof yes or no?
3. Price$$


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time for PRE-FALL looks to be released

I know, last Wednesday was the first official day of summer, so WHY am I covering pre-fall?  Because that is how the fashion & beauty World work my friends!!!!!  HA!

Here is a sneak peek of what is trending for Pre-Fall, which is typically released in July, for wearing in September into October.

We already saw yesterday that Chanel is going with Bombay, India inspired makeup

Guerlain is going for wine and deep berry stains with simple taupe glossy eyes

Dior is going with a "Golden Jungle" theme

they are also launching 4 new shades of their incredible Addict Lipstick and a new mascara:

Too Faced (Ulta & Sephora) is also featuring a wine-colored lip in their "Art of SEXY" campaign, but the focus on their products is deep pigments and long-wearing formulas

Rachel Zoe is sending all her models down the pre-fall runway with thick liquid eyeliner:

And for clothing, it looks like Jewel Tones are here to STAY!  Says the likes of...

Louis Vuitton:

Stella McCartney:



D Squared:

Oscar De La Renta:

I'm not trying to rush summer, but I am excited about dark lipstick again, I've already picked up a few!

Spotted! Yesterday's Blog Post Item!

Yesterday I told you about the "Backstage Bambi" shade of HOT PINK from Kat Von D's line of lipsticks - and yesterday Miley Cirus tweeted about loving that color!
Miley Cyrus Hot Pink Lips

Of course, this website showed the actual lipstick, not the long wearing matte 'paint' that I mentioned.  The color is available in both formulas.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Looking for a SUPER long wearing matte lipstick?

If you have an event coming up, such as a wedding (in which case you should book me to do your makeup!) or an outdoor party or if you are just a girl that never remembers to reapply after the first swipe of lipstick in the morning....then I have a product for you to try!

Kat VonD of tattoo fame

Has a line of cosmetics at Sephora, and her colors are usually very trendy and fun!

Her new Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick, $19, is already a cult favorite because it DOESN'T BUDGE!

Its important to note 3 things:
1. It finishes matte
2. It is not easy to reapply, which is good, because you won't have to
3. The colors are BOLD  (what else would you expect from a famous tattoo artist!?)

The neon hot pink "Backstage Bambi" is perfect for summertime, you hardly need to wear any eye makeup in order to let the lips set off your whole look!  But of you aren't quite that bold, try Lolita (the bow & arrow color is a very nude putty shade that isn't too complimenting on paler skin tones)

Another item of hers that is worth a try (mentioned on my blog when it launched back in Fall 2011) is her Foiled Love Lipstick
Kat Von D - Foiled Love Lipstick
which is an ultra high shine lipstick that has a 'foil' finish to it when it is applied, also $19

I really love that red-orange shade called "Adora"!

Long live the lip color!  I can't wait to see what other 'tattoo' long wearing products she comes out with next!