Monday, April 4, 2011

What the Hell is a Kabuki Brush?

A Kabuki Brush looks like a miniature powder brush, with a short, fat head and a short stem:

The name Kabuki comes from the Japanese entertainers that used brushes like these to apply their drastic face makeup.

Typically a Kabuki brush is used to apply powder foundation, bronzer or blush.  You can concentrate a lot of color on the brush for bold blush looks, or you can tap off excess powder and buff in a circular motion, for an all over application on the face that will look more natural.

There are also retractable Kabuki brushed that are compact and great for your purse.
Too Faced
Such as this one by Too Faced, $32 at Sephora
Retractable Kabuki Brush

Also new by Too Faced, is their retractable bronzer Kabuki.  Inspired by the original, above, they added a bronzing powder to the applicator, to give you portable bronzer application!!  How perfect for your purse in the summer, especially when you are on vacation!?  $34 at Sephora:

Retractable Bronze-Buki Brush

If you want to add a Kabuki to your collection at a bargain price, try this one by Revlon, $6 on
Revlon Kabuki Brush 1159-09

I also found a steal on a retractable one for $8!

better yet?  Its made from recycled materials!!  I just ordered mine (hey- I need one in all my purses, ok!?)

So now you know what a Kabuki brush is, let the buffing begin!

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