Tuesday, July 17, 2012


You are probably already aware that I am a Lady Gaga fan (how could I not be, with the way she pushes fashion boundaries?!  Love it!) otherwise known to her as a "little monster" (her name for her fans)

So I am totally excited to smell her new perfume, appropriately called "Fame"

I also loved her creative ad that she is using to market the fragrance, which will be available for sale in September this year (but I've heard a rumour that Macy's will be pre-selling bottles on July 27th)

a fragrance blogger got some more inside scoop for us:
"The 100-ml. — which Gaga refers to as the Ultimate Masterpiece (these words are also printed on the bottle) — retails for $79, while the 50-ml. is priced at $55 and the 30-ml. will cost $42. A 10-ml. rollerball version will sell for $19. The collection will also include three ancillaries. Black Soap, $15, will be out in August in limited distribution, while a black shower gel, $25 for 200 ml., and a black body lotion, $30 for 200 ml., will be on counter in November."
Its important to note that Gaga has a charity that provides awareness about, and hopes to end, bullying!  She has mentioned several times that much of the proceeds from her sales of tickets, merchandise, and now this fragrance will go towards the efforts of her charity.

Congrats on the fragrance Gaga-loo, love ya gal!

The next thing in NAKED

It was only a few months ago that I blogged about Urban Decay's incredible NAKED palette's of smooth and colorful eyeshadows

They are a makeup sensation and were meant to be limited edition, but instead became a cult following and the brand had to keep it on the shelves due to demand (thank you Urban Decay for listening!)

Its no surprise then, that UD decided they needed to capitalize on this "Naked" brand and introduce more products!

So here it is, releasing at the end of this month, Urban Decay "Naked Skin"

It is described as "Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup"  ($38 for 1oz) with a demi-matte finish, which translates to 'natural looking skin' that is neither shiny nor completely flat.

Beneficial Ingredients
Litchiderm (from lychee fruit) – this is supposed to protect skin from dehydration, oxidative, stress, accelerated aging, resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion
Vitamin E – used to hydrated and increase the skin’s elasticity while fighting off free-radicals that cause skin to age prematurely
Japanese Green Tea – soothes and calms skin with anti-oxidants to neutralize free-radicals and promote collagen production for smooth and supple skin.
Matrixyl 3000 – anti-wrinkle and lifting peptides to restore and maintain the skin’s youthful appearance while increasing elasticity

I will certainly be getting a sample from Sephora when it comes to stores, I think it is worth a try!!!

Don't bother with Revlon styling tools

FYI on hair tools, don't bother buying Revlon brand.  I've gone through 4 curling irons in 6 months because the cord twists and causes the power to short out, regardless of how much you smooth or untangle it.

What is unfortunate is that it heated instantly and did an outstanding job of setting my hair, but the iron would just randomly stop working, and after buying my forth, I just can't take it anymore!!!!

I settled for a Conair one, which is also very nice, but not as nice of a clip on the barrel as the Revlon iron.

The best thing you can do for your hair when you curl it, is use a clip less curling iron:

The clip damages hair by applying heat and pulling, whereas the clip less iron doesn't pull or fray the ends of your hair!

many of them come with a heat protection glove so you don't burn your fingers, trust me....this is a MUST

Hair Chalking?!

As in....chalk?

Uh, YES!!!  Its the new huge thing!!!

If you love colored strands, but are not about to make the commitment of permanently dying your hair OR maybe your job is NOT pink hair friendly....no problem!  By using colored CHALK on your hair you get wash out fun color instantly - which is perfect for an up do or braid:

Essentially, you rub colored chalk on wet hair (caution:  if you have light blond hair, especially if its color treated, its NOT recommended that you wet hair first, because you might have a tough time removing the color!)

This photo step by step is a great summary of hair chalking

1. Brush Hair (wear a shirt that you don't mind getting damaged)
2. Separate strands you want to 'color' PUT ON PLASTIC GLOVES!
3. Wet the strand (unless you are a light dyed blond, it could damage hair!) TWIST STRANDS
4. Rub pastel chalk on strand until coated
5. Re-apply chalk again if necessary (you can blow dry hair a bit)
6. Use a flat iron to 'dry' the damp strands and to set color
7. Clean your flat iron immediately

Here is a fun and great video on how to:

What to use?  Get chalk/pastel's at a art supply or craft store:

The most popular looks are



Are you ready for the trend?!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Follow the yellow brick road...to Emerald PRETTY!

I 'heart' Tarina Tarantino, mainly because I envy how bold she is to permanently rock fuchsia hair!  I also love her style.  She started as a jewelry designer, with punky style that works for adult women.  Her success in that avenue translated into cosmetics!

I managed to scope out her new eye palette, "Emerald Pretty" the other day in Sephora, and I was iffy on whether or not to invest.  THEN, I saw her you tube video on how she uses the palette, and now I MUST have it! ($36 at Sephora)

Tarina personally applies this palette on the video, and it showcases her talent as a designer:


Perhaps the most underrated color in the palette is the yellow-tinged "Dandy Lion"

Which really adds a unique pop of color:

Tarina is KNOWN for her sparkle, which is like millions of microscopic diamonds, it looks very fresh and not immature! 

In case you aren't familiar with her line, she tends to go for bold, regardless of the color scheme

Her latest add is incredible (that features the gorgeous Emerald Pretty palette!) because it shows you how you can wear it 'day' or 'night' style from the same collection!

For more info and prices on her products, check out her Sephora page

If you love her punk rock style. you have to check out her collections of gems and jewels, Katy Perry is a HUGE fan!

Like these $55 crystal studs

And these $38 drop earrings are SO FRESH!

She also has AMAZING hair accessories and a men's line.  You can shop it at:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 2 of my own Gel Nails

If you read my earlier post about removing gel nails, then you might have caught the part where I had a huge disaster and spilled the gel nail remover, and it went right through the towel I had carefully laid out (in vain) and dissolved the finish on the dining room table, leaving a HUGE white spot on my dark wood table.  I screamed, I cried....and then I kept going.

Everything seemed to go well, and I chose a sheer pink from the Red Carpet Gel Nail Kit

Within 8 hours, the pink nail gel completely peeled off and half of two others too.  What that means is that I laid the base layer of gel too thick,and I also got some of my cuticles, which is a HUGE no-no - because it will left off the cuticle and start peeling.

I plan to keep going ahead and trying again, hoping to learn the technique so that I can save major $$$ doing my own nails.  After 15 years and about $7,200 invested in acrylic nails - I'm willing to keep learning!

I think when you start, its best to use sheer or glitter colors, which hide imperfections and nail growth

BUT, my starter kit came with a complementary bottle of "Red Carpet Reddy" that I'm dying to try!

Tip on removing gel polish

Typically, when you have your gel polish removed from the salon, they soak a cotton ball in the remover, apply it to the nail and wrap foil around it to keep the solution concentrated on the nail bed:

I leaned the hard way the other night that this is very hard to do on yourself!  (I managed to spill the remover and ruined my dining room table- it was AWFUL!)

Since I determined to do my own gel nails (this outta last about another week) I went in search of an easier way to remove the gel, other than wasting a ton of product soaking the nails

I found GEL REMOVER WRAPS - and its the best idea!

Instead of having to soak cotton and make your own foil wrap, these wraps come with a cotton pad already saturated in remover, you just have to open the wrap to expose it!  Then you wrap the foil around the nail bed and let it soak in for about 15 to 20 minutes!

I also learned that the OPI brand of the wraps (CND Shellac) that are more expensive, do NOT work as well as the cheaper version by Hands Down:

They work like a band aid and stay in place easily!  SO SMART!

Here is a video HOW TO

BUT, YOU DO NEED TO APPLY REMOVER TO THESE PADS before using!!!  The best way is to purchase a nozzle-tipped bottle for spill proof application

You can get a 10 count of the wraps for $2.99 at Sally Beauty Supply, or check out Amazon.com to buy the 100 pack and save (ends up to be about 25 cents per wrap)

Of course, that is more expensive than say, the 3 cents a wrap for the homemade version - but after you've tried the homemade version once, you'd gladly pay $1 a wrap!!!!

The additional benefit to the wraps is that you can easily check to see the progress, add more solution, and re-wrap.  That makes it much easier!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Loving Lace

LACE is so in right now, in everything from clothing

to home decor!

The designers at Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) are on board with the trend too, so they launched their lace cosmetics collection for Late-Summer 2012, and its is gorgeous!

The packaging is so lady-like and fresh, which great colors too!

They are pushing their new mascara formula, "Intenseyes"

But what I have my eye on, is the Sicilian Lace Bronzer Compact:

(one unfortunate thing is that the lace pattern is only on the top, so once you use it a few times, it will be gone!  Bummer!)  Available at Saks 5th Ave for $47

The colors in the Lace Collection are very natural and create a light 'flush' of color for lids, lips and cheeks

The nude shade of gloss, "Carmel" is stunning, with a hint of shimmer it looks great on

And can be combined with the nude polish to match

The design house added lace touches on all their Late-Summer collections!

BUT, the biggest buzz on their collection is the SUNGLASSES!!  They are so eye catching and are a perfect way to wear the trend!  The clear sunglasses covered in a lace pattern will show off your trendy side!  Shadesemporium.com are selling the three styles for $250 each: