Friday, September 28, 2012

My fav color is STILL in, through Fall 2012!

I am slightly obsessed with chartreuse, OK, a lot obsessed.  In fact, these are my nails right now:

I just LOVE adding this pop of color to any outfit, especially with earrings!! 

Even though the neon effect of this color seems very 'summer' I'm assured from fashion blogs everywhere that this color is still on-trend through Fall!  YEAH!

So jump on my bandwagon and rock the color with awesome accessories! 

What do I like to match it with?

Grape-purple!!!  It totally pops!

look at these combos!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ombre Hair - Part 1

Ombre Hair coloring has been trending...BIG TIME!  so must so, that yours truly is on the bandwagon!!!  I just started reversing my Ombre that I've had for quite some time from light to dark (seen here a few weeks ago)

To a dark to light concept, which is the typical look for Ombre. 

The reality is, is that Ombre Hair color is super low maintenance, because its a play on your roots growing out!  (I almost wonder if we can credit Drew Barrymore for starting this trend last year when she was noticeably seen sporting grown out roots!)

If you don't want to go through the root growing out stage, your stylist can do what mine did, and they stopped foiling in blond highlights (just did a few) and added low lights, that way as your hair starts growing out, it will blend into Ombre instead of a dark harsh line.

Then after several weeks, you can have color brushed into hair in sections (avoiding the roots) to get the ends lighter

You can go as dramatic or as natural as you like, or you could add a fun COLOR into the mix:

Metallic Nails Makes a Mini Comeback

If you were a part of the metallic nail trend in nail polish last year, QUICK, get those colors out of storage, because metallic nail polish is making a mini comeback for pre-fall (which will be over soon!)

Right now women are being seen with the metallic nail trend all over big cities, its like a public comeback!! 

I even noticed that Essie did a mini "mirror metallic" collection that was released two weeks ago.  The feature color of the collection was "Penny Talk"

With the advertising and fashion week trends all pointing towards oxblood red and random shades of emerald green....its almost as if this re-trend was going to get passed over!  But no!  Women love it!

Will you be rocking the metallic trend for the next few weeks!?

Change up with a best seller

Most women are at least familiar with Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer, even if they don't regularly use it.  Its a super popular product that has several variations for different types of skin, but the product has always delivered oil free moisture with a hint of foundation to even skin tone and be super easy to apply on the go!

But NOW, Laura has introduced a new way to use this product, and a new formula!  Welcome the tinted moisturizer compact!

In twelve natural looking shades

this is a multi-tasking compact that is amazing!

You also get SPF 20, so you can keep protect your skin and RE-APPLY your sunscreen during the day with a quick swipe

I am going to just declare that this is a fall must-have item in your purse!!!

$45 at Sephora and many major department stores

Friday, September 7, 2012

Color Obsession: Oxblood?!

If you haven't heard the word 'oxblood' being tossed around in fashion magazines or on TV then prepare yourself, because from what I can tell, its THE color this upcoming season!!!!!!!!!

What it is, is a blend of blood red with a deep plum.  More cool than warm (ie: works best with black rather than brown)

Best way to wear it:  I'm thinking anything that is leather, like boots or a great cross-body bag

Its a color that will really pop when worn with a black dress or pants, think of it as the new black for Fall 2012

For makeup, obviously the focus should be with lips and tips

RGB Nail Polish, sold on for $16 is the perfect shade:

For lipstick, Chanel's Rouge Allure in #38 is the perfect fall lip color, because of its velvet finish (not to shiny & glossy)

When doing the look, keep the rest of the skin simple, such as a neutral mauve blush, and simple matte shadow.  Although, given the time of year, a highlighter on cheekbones, forehead and bridge of nose will do wonders to perk up your complexion, so that the deep red color doesn't take over your look

So, what do YOU think of Oxblood?  Great new shade, or hating the trend?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Twin Sets - not just sweaters anymore!

Chanel announced this week that they are accepting pre-orders of "Les Twin-Sets" which will be a combination lip and nail color collection that brings 'matchy matchy' to a whole new level! The idea was based on a special release to celebrate fashion week in NYC, which is coming soon!

You can order now at'S-NIGHT-OUT-134833?WT.srch=1

($26 for nail polish and $32,50 for lipcolor)

There are three combinations, and in my opinion, the deep unique plum called 'Provocation' is going to be the most popular!!

The other shades are a neutral berry (perfect for Fall!)

and a toasted tan shade that screams Pumpkin Flavored Coffee (sorry, its my on my mind recently, because I am addicted!)

Will you be treating yourself to matching lips and tips?!