Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Segment Details: Pregnancy Safe Cosmetics!

If you tuned into Bridge Street and want more details, I've highlighted the common concerns and suggested products below.  If you missed the segment, check out my facebook page "Rosa M Beauty" and I'll post the digital video when available from the station!

What are the typical products to avoid (note:  you should consult your doctor immediately if you are on any prescription skincare, you may need to discontinue use)
1.  Retinol:  commonly found in anti-aging skincare, and prescription acne medications.  Retinol is Vitamin A, so don't think that because you see 'vitamin' that its ok

2.  Alpha-Hydroxy Peels:  The harsh acids in these peels should be avoided during pregnancy
3.  Sunless Tanning:  Self tanners have a chemical called DHA in them that is considered unsafe for use during pregnancy when it is absorbed in those large amounts during application

4.  [Most] Nail Polish:  I know, its a bummer - but when we paint our nails with chemical-rich polishes, such as formaldehyde and toluene, we absorb them into our bloodstream through the nail bed.  Even when using organic nail polish (yes, its out there:)

make sure to use an all natural or organic polish remover.  Your best bet?  Hope that all your prenatal vitamins are giving you super strong nails and go natural and show them off (ok fine - a but of organic clear polish can't hurt!)
5.  Salicylic Acid:  Unfortunately one of the best ingredients to prevent acne and fine lines is also widely considered to be a bad product to use during pregnancy.  From my research, there is no proven study that showed that this common ingredient had negative effects during pregnancy, even so, it is often common practice to suggest that it is avoided.  Best way to comply:  If its listed at the top of the label as an 'active ingredient' - avoid it.

Let's not keep going on what you can't use, and focus on what will work during pregnancy and breast feeding

When it comes to all shower products, the less ingredients (aka: a few natural ones and glycerin) is your safest bet.  Check out a brand called Nine Naturals:

That's Gracie Lee, Founder and CEO!
 who launched in 2011 and specialize in pregnancy safe bath and shower products - they even have great products for baby too!

Shampoos start at $20 and gift sets can get you started for under $50

You can opt to have your hair done in an organic salon (in Syracuse check out Naturtyme on Erie Blvd)

that uses only organic color, you can forgo coloring (hooray for you if you can, but this gal won't be!) or you can take the same precautions that most women do:
Have your hair done in a well ventilated area, and go for highlights from a cap or foils that avoid direct contact with your roots
No Perms!
No Straightening Treatments!
Good News!  Sunblock is an A-ok approved item, and not only is it a good idea for all the regular reasons, but its even more important when you're pregnant (a minimum of SPF 30 is ok, so long as its a broad spectrum protection product)
- You'll block free radicals (read: smog & chemicals) from absorbing into your skin where sunblock is applied (duh - so apply it everywhere!)
- You'll help reduce the effects of pigmentation - that crazy 'mask' that many women get when pregnant

called Melasma, its essentially when you have hyper-pigmentation's caused by hormones, and also can be exacerbated by too much exposure to UV Rays.  It won't rid you of the problem completely, but it will drastically help prevent it from worsening or having permanent effects, so you can go back to your normal skin tone

A great skincare line that wonderful for pregnant women is Juice Beauty

The pure organic products in this line are wonderful for ANYONE, not just expectant moms.  Their skincare is incredible, and it really works - through the power of juices and all organic ingredients!

You can really feel great when using this product!

You'll spend about $35 for a starter kit, and you can find it at Ulta

and celebs like Alicia Silverstone are advocating for organic makeup - there are some wonderful soft natural colors that will enhance your maternity glow with her featured line of color cosmetics for Juice Beauty


Even better news for expectant moms - most cosmetics are totally safe to use during pregnancy!  Just be sure to avoid anti-aging foundations that contain Retinol or Hydroxide.  Lean over to natural cosmetics, such a Tarte, Juice Beauty, Physicians Formula Organic, Tata Harper, Almay Pure Blends, or Josie Maran

When it comes to reducing stretch marks, a great product on the market is Bio Oil, which is actually a product that is marketed to reduce the appearance of scars

Many people have posted their successful before and after photos of their stretch marks, its the only product I've really seen that is reasonable priced and effective without harsh ingredients

Stick to lotions and creams that have few ingredients (more natural) and preferable ones that don't gave a form of alcohol as the first 2 ingredients.  To make it easy, just look for labels that say "non cosmegenic"

I hope that this helps all you expectant diva's out, best of luck!

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