Friday, May 24, 2013


For those of you who are liquid eyeliner-challenged

Maybe its the applicator you have to use

A few companies have tried to remedy the 'shaking hand' and the "I'm too far away to see" errors with liquid liner and have introduced ergonomic liquid liners!

NYX Cosmetics (Ulta and now has "The Curve" $15, which is super easy to control and apply the line!

Here's a nice illustration of how to do it

Other brands have duplicated this design, and also made the liners interchangeable and refillable!  (like this one in Japan, hopefully coming to the US soon!)

If you want to try this design, and you want serious waterproof and long wear inky lines, try Mally's Ultimate Performance Liner

you can buy it on QVC here for $22$uslarge$

If you like a creamy gel liner, you can get a similar effect by using an angled liner brush for applying or smudging (as I've mentioned before, they are perfect for getting up close to the mirror!)

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