Thursday, May 16, 2013

Common Hair Problems: The Solution Is ____

I have nominated myself as the new spokesperson for Orofludio Elixir!  Why?!?!?  Read on!

Problem:  When I straighten my hair, my split or rough ends aren't smooth and they frey

Solution:  Warm some Orofludio Elixir in your palms after straightening hair and smooth onto ends, then brush through

Problem:  I went into a restaurant and my hair must have trapped the smells, I'm headed out and it needs a refesher!

Solution:  Warm in palms and smooth onto middle section of hair to the ends, brush through from scalp if you can.  (you can also put a dab on your neck!  The vanilla scent is amazing!)

Problem:  I am using dry shampoo on my '2nd day hair' but my ends are dry and my hair isn't as smooth

Solution:  Smooth Orofludio Beauty Elixir from the middle of hair to the end and brush through after applying your dry shampoo.  This dry oil will smooth and shine the hair, and the vanilla scent will add amazing refreshment to the scalp (through brushing)

Are you catching on to what I'm saying?!  As far as a non-greasy hair smoothing oil that boosts shine and smells INCREDIBLE - this one takes the cake!

You can get all the info you need at:

But check out the prices on - I just grabbed it for under $20 and it was part of free super saver shipping, so I grabbed some other things (like a beauty blender for $6!) and got it in a few days for less than I'd be able to pay anywhere else!

If you straighten your hair, or need a lightweight way to moisturize curls - this might be the perfect product for you! 

There are also shampoos, conditioners, etc.  None of which I have tested yet - so check out the online information first, then check Amazon for pricing!

Proof!?  The other day I used a bit of Orofludio Elixir in the car at a stoplight and brushed it through my hair after work - this photo was taken hours later!  My hair was super shiny and soft thanks to this great product!
Rosa M and Abby

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