Thursday, May 30, 2013

Currently Obsessing On: Black Matte Manicures

I love a nice, clean, classic black manicure

But what I love even more right now, is a MATTE (read: no shine) Black manicure, which is achieved through using a matte topcoat

What I love even more, is playing up the shine and the matte and creating texture and a look that will be having people do second takes when they see your mani!

To achieve THIS:

Paint nails with black polish, I SWEAR by the inky black fabulousness that is Finger Paint's "Expressionism" (Pick it up at Sally Beauty for under $7) - do two coats and let it dry

Pro Tip: Finish the look the next day when you have time, or in the morning after it dried over night!

Then use manicure tape to tape OVER the tip you want to stay shiny

Then you paint nails with the matte top coat of your choice, after a few minutes, remove stickers, and voila!

My fav Matte Top Coats are:

Chanel Top Coat Velvet

and Essie "Matte About You"

Other awesome matte black looks:

Now you can jazz up your classic black mani!

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