Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup: How YOU can achieve the look

I LOVED seeing The Great Gatsby with my Mom on Mother's Day, we were drooling over the diamonds and loving the clothes and makeup styles!

Here are some of the looks that others are trying in response to the movie making the hair and makeup of the 1920s back in full force!!

The star of the Gatsby makeup-show for me?  The character Jordan Baker

What are the tricks for replicating these looks?

The Original Look - Eyes

How To:  The eye makeup is bold, so try a kohl pencil, apply on upper and lower lash lines and smudge

The look can be smudged sheer and in a softer matte tone like Navy

Or it can be a true black and worn heavy

Either way, its exaggerated on the bottom lash line and shadow is heavy and more matte than shimmery.  Try applying and blending over lids with your index finger, it will be similar to how women may have applied it then

The Original Look - Brows

How To: Grab a brow pencil that is a bit darker than your normal brow color.  Women in the 20s really exaggerated the eye and brow area, which brought the emphasis to the eyes in an eerie way.  Be heavy handed with the application

The Original Look: Heart Shaped Lips

How To: You can go all the way with it and actual use concealer or foundation to cover the outer corner of the lips, so you can shape the lips even more into a heart shape

The color should be a burgundy-red, and sort of vampy.  It should be semi-matte and avoid super shiny glosses

When trying to create a heart-shaped lip, utilize lip liner and a lip brush to really define the cupid's bow on your top lip to create the illusion that the lip is heart-shaped

Or you can actually draw on a heart on the lips to go all the way with the look

The Original Look: Short Hair
Even if you have long hair like me, you can still achieve the 'look' by slicking hair back into a bun

Or pinning up layers and wearing a clip or fabric headband

To get "that wave" you can use a super small curling iron to curl sections of hair, brush out immediatly and place clips in the wave to create structure, spritz with shine spray and light hairspray (I love Elnet by L'Oreal)

You can also try waving the hair with a ultra thin straightening iron

I found a link to a You Tube video tutorial you might find helpful

You can pull these techniques together to create your own modern 1920s look

Katy Perry's Version:

Combine goth with elements of the 20s, but in a sexy bandage dress:

Go totally opposite and soften the whole look for a modern romantic 1920s look:

Simple and Classic

Just add a bucket hat!

Do you think you will attempt the makeup and re-creating your own Gatsby look?

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