Friday, May 3, 2013

My #1 Pick for a Nail Polish Base Coat

I've tried at least 30 different base coats in my day - but I have gone back to this one from Jessica Nail Products over and over - its like an anchor for my polish, it really does it all!

Jessica's Restoration Base Coat is formulated to assist with going from acrylic nails to real nails, and even though I did that nearly a year ago, I still love this formula.  It strengthens the nails and keeps the from peeling or flaking!

There are other base coats from Jessica Nails

Recovery, Rejuvination, Reward and others

You can look at the products at

But don't pay for UK shipping costs - order your products from salons that sell on many of them have free shipping with no minimum purchase!  I just ordered my base cost for $7.99 with free shipping!  That's VERY reasonable!

Check it out!

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