Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Choosing a Red Lipstick

So, you're inspired by my red lip segment and now you need to choose a lipstick?  Great! 

Cool or Warm:

Take a look inside your wrist, if your main veins are blue in tint - then lean towards 'cool' tones.  This would be pinky-reds and often labeled 'true reds'.

If the veins are green tinted, then you are best served with a warmer tone, the Orange-reds or burgundy reds

NOTE that, if you're in between on the vein color, or you just aren't sure, lean for cool tones, they make your teeth appear whiter!

Skin Color

For paler skin, shades of coral-red are brightening and true reds look nice with bronzer or blush to contour checks

Coral Red

(note that the Orange-toned blush and simple black liner make her skin tone look great?

True Reds

Fair Skin with a pinky-red

Medium Skintone works great with berry toned reds, like cranberry

Deep Skin tones look great with burgundy and other warm reds

Those are some good rules to follow if you are unsure how to pick a red shade that will work for you

Once you've found your shade, now you need to decide on a formula

I tend to prefer a red lip to be semi-matte, which means a stain, pencil, or a long wear lipstick instead of a gloss, balm or creamy lipstick

So you want your finish to be opaque but not actually thick

When trying a pencil liner as the color, line the lips in soft strokes and blend in.  You can use a bit of balm or red lipstick on a lip brush (you can substitute the lip brush for your index finger, don't apply lipstick directly)

To blend the color and 'stain' it into lips.  This will increase the wear and will also make the look more natural

Some good long wearing stains/lipsticks are

1.  Sephora Brand Long Wear Lipstick In "True Red" $12

2.  Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick $32

3.  MAC's "Redd" Lip Liner $16
MAC Redd Lip Liner all over Lips
4.  Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in "Romantic" $8 at Drug Stores

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