Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review of Maybelline Vivids Collection

I have been noticing the Maybelline Vivid Lipstick ads in the magazines for a while, and I kept meaning to try the product - especially when I saw this ad (I knew I would replicate the eyes - so why not do the lip?)

So first I had to decide what shades I would try:

I KNEW that the peachy-coral would be on my list - and I couldn't resist the grape-y purple

I applied #870 to the lip area

I gravitated to this color because I've been in the market for a subtle peachy lipstick - but I always end up with something bold anyway!  So why not a bold coral?

I instantly LOVED the color on, it looked great with coral shades of shadow with a brown/bronze eyeliner.  It also looked great with cool shaded makeup, such as silver shadow and black liquid liner.

The color glided right on from the tube, but looked best when applied with a lip brush (as they all do).  I suddenly became addicted to the gorgeous shade:

Rosa M in Maybelline Vivid

I wore the shade for the entire night (includes re-applications) and the following day and here are my pro & cons:

- Inexpensive
- Great color
- Smooth application from the tube
- Great coverage (wears like a lipstick and not a gloss)

- Drying

I noticed the drying the second day - my lips were much dryer than normal and also they were flaking, which made the color look terrible!  When a color is this bright, you really can't have chapped or peeling lips, because all the notice is already drawn to your lips!  I realized that I needed to use a plain balm (like my all time fav: Dr. Lipp Original Lip Balm) instead of re-application from the lipstick tube. It revived the color and added necessary moisture.  I think that you're just going to get that result when you use less expensive lip color because they don't make the investment in natural moisturizers.  But again, for fun (not every day) color - its great!

I had a $2 coupon, so I only paid $5 for this product - and for $5 I think its an amazing value.  The thing is, if the brights and neon's aren't in style soon (which I think they will always be a summer color - but cheaper lipsticks don't typically wear well after stored for the winter) who cares, cause you only spent a few bucks.

I'm about to break into the grape-y purple shade called 'Hot Plum'

Pick up some shades at your local Walgreens (my fav stop for drug store cosmetics because they are so nice AND they often give dedicated shoppers coupons that they keep under the register in cosmetics!) or anywhere Maybelline is sold for the next 2 months (they usually change it up after that long)

Some google image submissions for the brand:

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