Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nail Art Beauty Steal!

When I saw Nails Inc's Bling It On Kit with the Rhinestone bows, I swooned and ordered ASAP!  And for $25 a kit (included nail polish too) I wasn't disappointed in the price.  Especially because the bows were curved to fit the nail bed and were easy to apply.  The kit was limited edition and got used up quick - so I thought the thrill of the bow was over....

until now!  I recently discovered that has sellers from all over the World that sell all sorts of bows for nail decals!! 

Like Black Ones:

Pink & Pearl ones

Multi-Color ones

White and Pearl Ones

And all different shades of Rhinestone ones

I really like the placement of a small bow on all nails:

Just one on the "party nail"

Or even better, creating a whole theme to the nail art and using the bows to really make the statement, maybe some of these will inspire you!

better yet, these packages of nail bows are running about $6 with shipping!  Seriously!!!

Search "Nail Art" on

How do you stick them on?  Use a fake nail glue (soak in acetone remover to break down the adhesive to remove) Nail glue is about $4 at Sally Beauty Supply

Don't feel like the 3-D version is for you?  You can always try a do-it-yourself nail bow such as this:

Its such an adorable (and not super complicated) nail trend that will get you noticed and will look great for casual or can be made to be a stand out for special occasions!

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