Monday, May 20, 2013

Cover Girl to Cover The Hunger Games?

Ooooh, in anticipation of the next installment of The Hunger Games Franchise, Catching Fire - Cover Girl released an ad (its just a tease!) to claim they would be coming out with a color line inspired by the movies - and one can only assume that Effie Trinket (colorful Elizabeth Banks) will be the scene stealer again

The ad is as follows (Thanks for the announcement!)

I remember the awesome false lash collection from PaperSelf from the first movie's promotion

And the China Glaze Capitol Colors Nail Collection

Sp this Fall we will find out what Cover Girl thinks will satisfy our Hunger Games appetite for amazing beauty (hello!  reasonably priced fun colors are so fun!)

More from

To get us excited about The Hunger Games Catching Fire, here are some preview images I found online!

How exciting!

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