Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to get a perfect WHITE HOT manicure

I just learned an AWESOME tip about how to get a perfect white manicure

First of all, "white hot" manicures are ALL the rage right now.  They are perfect because its a lighter version than classic black, it goes with anything and works on all skin tones (once you find your perfect white!)

#1 Use a base coat

I love the Jessica Nails Restoration Base Coat ($8 on amazon)

Tip: some base coats work best when totally dry and some need to still be tacky/wet.  Check the labels of your to know how they work best!

#2 Grab your white polish for your first coat.  I like Zoya's Polish in "Snow White"

(just released for 2013 in 4 finishes!)

Apply a coat of white polish, and make sure you only do THREE strokes of color
One in the middle and one on each side
I love this tip for how to do it right

You're trying to touch the nail as few times as possible

Don't worry if its streaky!!!!

#3 Once the first coat has dried a bit, apply a MATTE top coat to nails

Try Essie's Matte about you $9 at Ulta and Walgreens

#4 Apply another coat of the white polish

#5 Seal it off with top coat, I like Orly "In a Snap!"

Now you've got the perfect opaque white mani!

You can always do a 'party nail' (before top coat!) too!

Now THAT'S White Hot!!!!!!!!

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