Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My fav self tanning product for face - now in a daily lotion!

THANK YOU Dr. Dennis Gross- you've heard my plea for another version of the same glow I get from your peel pads (amazing!)

but in an easier (more realistic daily application) form of a lotion!

($42 at Sephora)

This oil-free moisturizer provides a subtle tan in about 3 hours of application (which makes it much easier to get a faster glow if you didn't plan ahead enough with the pads or towels that take longer)

You can use it daily or every few days (I recommend spacing out applications if you aren't tanning the rest of your body) and you apply it to the face, ears, neck (get your hairline), and chest (shoulders if you want)

Application tip: after a few minutes apply some light (no alcohol in the first 2 ingredients) body lotion to the neck and chest.  This will smooth the transition and ensure that, especially if you are applying daily, you don't have a stark contrasting stop and start point on the body (NOT a good look in a tank top)

There are more than just tanning benefits to this lotion, it is also formulated by Dr. Dennis to even skin tone and smooth the skin, which most users said they noticed right away.

If you use 3x a week, I think this product will last you well into August and that's a lot of glow and healthy skin care for a good price!  (if you think of having to purchase the towels and remember to do it consistently - and this, for most, will serve as a daily moisturizer)

Wear your makeup and concealer as normal until you start to notice the transition in skin, then just blend concealer until you either don't need any (you'll have a natural glow after all!) or you can get away with a primer only.  You may need to purchase a concealer a shade darker once you're using this product consistently.

You'll see results similar to this:

Give it a shot, after all - purchases of products like these can be returned to Sephora (so long as a majority of the product is left) if you don't like it

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