Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nail Stripe Tape - Inspiration for Creating Some Great Looks

Nail stripe tape is essentially super fine gauge metallic 'tape' that is used to create nail art
Image of Nail Striping Tape for Sale

I just picked up a set of 10 shades for $1.08 on and it was even free shipping!  (I know!  Why wouldn't you?!)

You apply the tape to dry nails like so:

then after trimming the ends you cover with a heavy duty clear coat (any clear coat that is approved for sealing on rhinestones should be enough coverage to keep your tape form lifting)

Even creating looks as simple as this

is fun and looks incredible!

it also looks amazing when combined with matte shades of polish (read: no shine) because then the metallic shine of the nail tape has even more of an effect

Use the tape to create clear segments of color blocking

You can create intricate designs such as this:

(paint nails white all over, add a small triangle of neon then layer on black striping tape)

OR you can use the striping tape as a tool and not a decal, be removing it during the polish drying process.  In this pic below, the user painted over nails that had been striped and then removed the stripes, notice for wider sections the tape was double or tripled up in width

Painting nails Black, then using striping tape to create a design and paint over with glitter (I like Zoya Pixie Dust for great coverage when layering)

you get a great design like this (above) when you remove the striping tape

Striping tape should only be placed on dry polish, dry meaning several hours dry.  Avoid very thick polishes, because they can take up to 18 hours to truly dry and you'll smudge.

Remove striping tape (that you are using for painting and not for decals) after about 20-30 minutes so that it will not smudge, but it won't be so dry that you won't peel off the top layer of polish

For sealing striping tape on nails to prevent lifting, try this great product, called "For Rhinestones Only" (Sally Beauty Supply $6)

It is a top coat that seals rhinestones (and despite the 'only' term, also striping tape) like a charm!

Pro Tip:  Tweezers and small but sharp scissors will be your friend when using this product!

Grab a pack of them today, you really have nothing to loose but $1 and well, maybe your patience!

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