Monday, July 18, 2011

Vamp it UP!

When I hear the word 'vamp' I immediately think Chanel Lipstick!

"Vamp" lipstick was a cult following (still is) that was SO HUGE in the 90s, that the trend works its way back around every few years - and I've heard rumblings that its BACK!

I remember Drew Barrymore and other stars like Christina Ricci wearing the vamp trend, and I also remember being way too young to own a near-black lipstick at 13 (but I did!)

Nowadays, vamp shades range from pure black, to eggplant, to deep rich burgundy.  And its not just lips, but nails and eyes as well!

Vamping is coming back on the runway in a BIG way!  So I know that coming into fall, you are going to see cosmetics popping up all over in these Gothic shades!

MAC, Chanel, YSL and others have released (or in Chanel's case, re-released) these shades each time the trend has come back around.  One can only hope that Chanel will actually re-release the original vamp (it did in 2003 briefly) - but in case they don't, you don't need to wait and pine after it (like this girl right here) you can create your own perfect look with vampy shades, and it doesn't take an expert!!!

The easiest way to embrace this look is to decide if you will combine your vamp lip with a dark eye, or keep the eye simple. 

Either way you decide, the key is to prepping your face to remove all blue undertones.  Prime the eye area (lid and lower) well enough that the color is seamless to the rest of your face before applying any color.

My lipstick recommendations obviously start with Chanel, because it will bring the luxury to the look, which in turn gives you confidence.  But I also have some budget friendly recommendations!

1.  Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick ($32) in "Rouge Noir"

2.  MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in "Cyber" $14.50 at MAC Counters (Macy's)

3.  Wet n Wild Megalast Lipcolor in "Vamp it Up" ($4 at drugstores)

When combining the look with a basic nude eye, use a skin-toned base, and add a very light swipe of mascara and liner.  You can highlight the brow bone with a matte taupe color

Remember to keep the cheek color a pale nude (or just use a tiny swipe of bronzer)

If you aren't sure of this dark look is for you, you can 'fake it' to try it out, without pressing hard, line lips with black eyeliner and smudge together.  Add dabs of dark red lipstick and blend together with fingertip (obviously you need to blend until you can't tell that you made the color out of black liner and red lipstick)

PS- If you are being daring and want to do a fully vamp look (eyes and lips) stick to matte shadows with blue tones on the eyes.  Try to not use any eyeliner - it creates harshness.  You want to look as blended as possible, lining the lips or eyes makes the look too bold.

Bold makeup: (Using a matte navy shadow)


Unrealistic Makeup:

(too much shine and colors don't compliment)

I expect to see some vamping girls!

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