Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm Back, and I'm STREAKING

OMG, not naked!  Streaking my HAIR that is!  Its not just a middle-school Kool-Aid dye job ladies, all the rage is subtle colored hair streaks on the mid to bottom layer of your hair!

You can take it from WILD to MILD, and you don't even have to use permanent dye (for those who don't like to commit!)

My favorite way to wear this look, is a fun color, but done in a very subtle way, like a few face-framing streaks

or done near the ears for a playful look

To give yourself color using a dye, I recommend Streakers dye

Streakers is a temporary hair dye, that washes out with a few shampoos!  (it also works on blonds, but use caution if your hair is bleached often, the color will be harder to remove)  There are 8 fun colors!

If you can't possibly imagine dying your hair hot pink, but you like the trend, opt for a clip in extension OR go to a local salon and have one put in (it will be braided into the scalp and last for 6-8 weeks!)

There are zillions of colors

Some of the reasonable "do it yourself" extensions are
Splat 18" Clip-in <em>Color Hair Extensions</em> - True Love (Pink)'s $7 extensions

and Ombre-faded extensions for $10 at Hot Topic stores (mall)
<em>Color</em> Fiend Fuchsia Fade Clip-In Synthetic <em>Hair Extensions</em> 2 Pack<em>Color</em> Fiend Bright Cyan Clip-In Synthetic <em>Hair Extensions</em> 2 Pack

Its summertime, and time to have fun and show your playful side!  Remember, subtle streaks on the inside of the hair line can be pinned back and easily hidden for work - and come out for play! 

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