Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'll wave my [makeup] wand, and steal this look!

The NYC Harry Potter premiere was last night, and although I don't have the ready cash to steal the Bottega Venetta dress look that Emma Watson wore last night.....I can easily steal her hair and makeup look!  And I plan on it!!!

Emma Watson showed off a dark and mature side of herself on the red carpet last night:

She was captivating!!  But what's even better, is her makeup look!!!

That eye look must be copied, immediately!!

The transition from the lime green to black, but ending in a bronze/gold shimmer is unique, and makes a great night time look, especially out with your gal pals!

You can easily soften this look by skipping the application below the eyes, and opt for a smudged liner instead.  (Don't skip the mascara on the bottom lashes)

Use a bold statement color like Make Up For Ever's bright pigment shadows ($16) (apply wet with q tip or brush for more dramatic effect)
Pure Pigments
or MAC's pigment shadow

Use a matte black shadow/liner (no shimmer, it will take away from the bronze and the bright color), a great product is the new Buxom Waterproof Smokey Eye Stick ($18)
Waterproof Smoky Eye Stick
it smudges perfectly!!!

To get a great "cat-eye" shape with the bronze glitter, use a "glitter glue" such as Too Faced's Glitter Glue ($18 at Ulta)

apply the glitter glue to the eye area in the shape you desire, then use a small tipped brush (such as eyeliner or smudging brush) to dab on the pigment over the sticky glue.

REMEMBER:  do not ever use crafting glitter on your face, only use cosmetics glitter that is produced with the intention of being use on the face or eyes!

A neutral blush and lip color is all you need to pair up with this statement eye.

Finish the look by slicking back wet hair into a low bun or pony tail with gel, try Tresseme Tres Gel ($3 at drug stores)

Add some statement earrings and you are ready to cast a spell!!  (ha!)

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