Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pre-Fall Nail and Beauty Preview

I know you are all still thinking "beach" this weekend, so you have coral, turquoise and glossy pinks on your brain - but I am here to remind [depress] you that we are about to enter pre-fall season! 

Time to change fashions and especially COLORS!

What's In for Pre-Fall:
1. Metallic Finishes
2. Olive Green
3. Copper
4. Ivory
5. Burgundy

What's Out:
1. Glitter Finishes
2. Lime Green
3. Bright Coral
4. White
5. Bubble Gum Pink

The first sign of pre-fall season came today when I saw the OPI Pre Fall 2011 nail color swatches and all I saw were metallics!

(ok, there are always some punchy colors too - they HAVE to!)

I am especially digging on "Honk if you love OPI"

And if you aren't taking the metallic trend seriously, you better now - because coming pre-fall:  MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH!


Its a nail polish with iron particles.  You use the magnet that comes in the top cap of the nail polish bottle, wave it over the wet nail polish for 10 seconds, and you MOVE the iron particles to create designs!


I also caught a glimpse online that Lancome has introduced this same product overseas, no word yet if it will come to the US!


Go Burgundy Early in the Season by trying out some awesome nail polish shades in late August.  Try Essie nail Polish in "Carry On"

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011 Campaign was released THIS month, and I stress again how amazing "Peridot" is!

Also a color that you will see plenty of starting next month is COPPER!  I suppose it falls under the metallic trend (um, I realize its a metal) but its significant enough that it can be a trend on its own!

What's going to be big is the iridescence of copper, especially on lids and lips.
Dusting a copper/gold shimmer on cheeks, lids and lashes is also a big up-coming trend.  Get ready by purchasing a coppery-gold dusting powder.  I like Tarina Tarentino's gold dust (loose powder or spray powder)

This is going to be HUGE for those of you with blue or hazel eyes - because copper compliments blue unlike any other color!

What to get your hands on NOW, is Illamasqua's 4 color liquid metal palette $42 and limited in quantities on sephora.com (especially if you can't get your hands on the new Chanel quad!)
4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette

If you want to splurge a little, then scoop up Illamasqua's limited edition Liquid Metal in "Enrapture" for $26.  A totally unique copper cream for highlighting, lining, shadow, etc.
Liquid Metal
For lips, get a sneak preview of your 24karat self with NYX Cosmetics Lipstick in "24 Karat"

(NYX cosmetics are usually under $7 and can be found at Ulta stores)

To get you less depressed about the impending winter season, and WAY more focused on pre-fall looks, here is a sneak preview of the beauty ads coming next month!


Tom Ford Beauty

Armani Beauty




Bobbi Brown


Estee Lauder

Time to think about pre-fall!!!!!!!!  Will you be rockin' magnetic nail polish, or copper lipstick?!  Tell me what trend sparked your interest:

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