Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Splurge vs Steal of the Day

With the popularity of glitter shadows and loose pigments on the rise in the makeup world, I'm reviewing a splurge vs. steal on GLITTER GLUE!

In order to keep your eye glitter looking fabulous all night (if you're rockin' it during the day, you are awesome and fearless, I love you!) you need a glitter glue that the pigments can adhere too and last through blinking and moving.


Too Faced's "Glitter Glue" $18 at Ulta


LA SPLASH's "Waterproof Primer/Sealer" $5 at Ulta

I used both on a glitter look, and my conclusion was THE STEAL!!!  The LA Splash was an awesome deal and worked great for a Bride's look I did this past weekend with an iridescent loose shimmer!  You can't beat the price for $5, and it was so easy to apply with the applicator.

Of course, if you are application-challenged and you aren't confident with loose pigments and shimmer, you can always opt for an all-in-one concept!  Try Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Gel $10 at Sephora:

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