Friday, July 8, 2011

Creamy Lip Stain, What's Different?

I discussed lip stains 2 weeks ago with you, and mentioned how a lip stain can provide intense color and ultra long wear.  (You can think of it like dying your lips)

I recently discovered a CREAMY lip stain made by Sephora (their own brand) - so I've tried and tested and I have feedback for you:  It's incredible!!

Sephora's cream lip stain goes on like a thick lip gloss, but within 2 minutes it dries and sets to wear for hours and hours!

I tried a light rosy-pink color called "Infinite Rose" with a shimmer (because I assumed that the shimmer would cause it to wear off faster) and the pink hue literally lasted the entire day!!  Through coffee AND lunch! 

I didn't re-apply the stain, rather, when my color and shine needed a boost when I was running errands at 5pm, I just applied a pink gloss over it and amp'd up the color!

Look at the shine and intensity of the color (shown in "strawberry kissed")

the shine will die down once the stain sets, its not intended to look like a gloss, but you can certainly apply gloss over it.

The creamy formula gives a different look, almost like a lipstick would (here it is in "Always Red" and "Forever Fuscia")

The depth of the color and the long lasting color really make this an incredible lip color!  I've ordered all 8 shades, because I know it will come in handy for my Brides and Bridesmaids this summer, and they are only $12!

check it out in stores or at

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