Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Get 7 Free Makeup Brushes

e.l.f. (eyes lips face) is a super-cheap cosmetics line that hit the scene 7 years ago this month, and to celebrate, they are offering 7 free makeup brushes with a $30 online purchase through July 18th.

e.l.f.'s products are prices from $1-$3 for individual items, so you would think they would be very low quality, but in fact they are pretty decent.  Decent enough to take advantage of the offer and add some tools to your kit!  (If you already own top quality cosmetic brushes, you will certainly notice the difference, because these are synthetic.  They may not be for you.)

I'm no beauty snob, so I gave it a shot.  They aren't going to replace my Chanel or Sephora professional brushes, but they are perfect for keeping spares, applying very glittery shadows (sometimes the glitter doesn't want to wash off the brush).

There are three levels of brushes that e.l.f. offers
1. Essential:  these are the very basic brushes, perfect for teens and practicing- and they are only $1!
2. Studio:  A better quality than the essential, but still a course synthetic.  They sell for $3
3. Mineral:  These are their best quality brushes, but are still synthetic.  You will have a higher count of individual hairs to make the brushes fuller.  These range from $5-$8

The free brush offer is for SEVEN FREE STUDIO (mid-level) brushes (with a $30 order).  So here are my pics:

1.  Get TWO contour brushes - this small brush head is going to be great for applying eye shadow in the crease of your eye or for applying heavily pigmented (glitter) shadows

2.  Get TWO Powder Brushes- the blunt head of this brush will make applying blush to the apples of your cheeks a breeze!  The second one is perfect for your travel makeup bag for applying powder to your T Zone when your face gets oily

3. Get ONE angled contour brush for applying things like pearl shimmer high on the cheek bones, or bronzer to sun kissed areas of the face in the summer

4. Grab a small smudge brush for smokey eye looks

5. and finally, get a small angled brush for applying gel eyeliner

How will you spend your $30 to get the seven free brushes? 

Well, I wish I could tell you that the shadows and foundations were AMAZING $2 and $3 beauty buys, but the quality is not that great (trust me, I wish it was) but they have tons of tools and kits that are great!

Grab some shine eraser blotting papers for your purse (hey- its summer and sometimes the sun isn't the only thing shining!)
Shine Eraser

Try their "Makeup Mist and Set" which is a light misting spray meant to keep makeup in place

Replace those dirty powder puffs (they hold dead skin and bacteria and should be replaced monthly in your compact)
Powder Puffs <br> Set of 4

Pick up their shimmer palette for adding shimmer and highlights to your cheek bones

Got any teens in your life?  They would LOVE these great lip glosses!

Oh, even with those pics, you've only spent $15!

For $10 you can get this purse/beach bag organizer that holds brushes and cosmetics

Don't forget to clean your brushes, they have the right brush shampoo!

Then treat yourself with some High Definition Face Powder, which sets your makeup and primes you for photographs!

Look at all your treats, and seven free brushes!

Don't say I never told you about a bargain!

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