Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Are You Obsessed With AMC's "Mad Men"? I am!

When I saw the first season of Mad Men on AMC, I was instantly in love with the fashions of the 50s!

As most fashionista's would, I identified with January Jones' character, Betty, who carried out these classic looks flawlessly

But then the business-woman side of me wondered how I would handle the work fashions and attire that secretaries and assistants (God forbid any women have real power in business then) painstakingly wore every day!  Such as Christina Hendrick's character, Joan:

I immediately wanted to introduce some of that style into my wardrobe, because I am obsessed with the show and I love fashion flashbacks (ok, maybe not the 80s so much...) but the best I could find was a shift dress and pearls.  There wasn't much out there that looked authentic.

Well, Banana Republic heard my cries (oh, that and the show finished 4 seasons with Emmy awards all around) and they are releasing the "Banana Republic Mad Men Collection!"  Here is a sneak peak at some of the looks, which will be in stores and online in August!  Prices will range from appx $50-$300

There will be accessories too!

So get out your pearls ladies, and get your style guides ready

And you too will be able to infuse this incredible style into your secret 50s personna!

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