Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Splurge vs Steal of the Day

Creamy long wearing shadows are becoming more and more popular since the days of Clinique's Touch Base for Eyes (urgh, it always dried out!).  I had just [gladly] splurged on Chanel's new long wearing cream shadow ($36)

and then the following week, one of my all-time favorite cosmetic companies, Bare Essentuals, released their Prime Time Primer Shadows ($18) in some great shades!

So I decided to test out the long-wearing durability and crease-resistant features of each product.  It's hard to pick which is the winner, because I enjoyed using both products - and I will continue to - but truthfully, the Chanel wins this competition.

The winner is:  The SPLURGE!

Look at a comparison to the shades and the pigmentation of each product:

The Chanel product was not only resistant to water and high heat, but the product glided on effortlessly, blended well (in the first 45 seconds before it sets, which is plenty of time) and blended incredibly well with other cream shadow and powder shadow.  The colors were just gorgeous and universally flattering.  In fact, I've never seen a white shimmer like that before, the effect was glamorous - not teenage glitter mania!

The Prime Time product was also a great product, but the thickness of it put me off a bit.  It did spread well, and you could use as little or as much as you wanted, but the color was strong - you are essentially wearing it as a shadow.  The price point was very desirable, and a value for the lasting nature of the product.  It's also a benefit that the ingredients are all natural and fragrance free.

So SPLURGE on the Chanel...then go down the mall further and pick up a Prime Time!  For the price and the use you will get out of it, they are both worth it!

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