Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dealing with a sunburn

First of all, I am disappointed that you got a sunburn in the first place!  C'mon ladies!!!  SPF in your body lotion EVERY day, and consistent application of SPF while in the sun will keep you healthy and safe...oh yeah, and your skin less damaged!!


But for those occasional slip ups that result in a [minor] sunburn, there are some great remedies to help you get relief!

1.  Drink LOTS of water
2.  Take some vitamin E and C (whether through vitamins or fruits & veggies) which will assist with inflammation of the skin
3.  Take cool or luke warm showers, hot water will only irritate the skin
4.  Use an after-sun remedy with aloe
5.  Soak in a [cool] baking soda bath and air dry

So, don't forget the sunscreen!  (but if you do, try the tips above!)

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