Sunday, July 3, 2011

For Ultimate Chanel Fans (like me)

Global Creative Director of Makeup for Chanel, Peter Philips, hand drew a set of incredible body art (aka: temporary tattoos) that was just released.  For $75, you get an incredible kit of Chanel chains and the signature C's, as well as a gorgeous sparrow (I have 2 of them [real] tattoo'd on me, so that holds a special place in my heart!)
I know that for many of you, this might be considered a fashion NO, or its not up your alley, but for those of you that want to walk on the wilder side of couture fashion - this is a MUST!  Not to mention, there are tons of different applications!!

On the Chanel runway, models were all wearing the body art, and you will be surprised at the different looks!

An up close view of the detail

Fashion without the pain or commitment of permanent ink, outstanding!

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