Friday, July 8, 2011

Another lesson on Argan Oil

I know, this is 100th time I've mentioned Argan Oil/Moroccan Oil...but I insist you all get on the obsession band wagon with me!  Its amazing, it changed my hair!  Even my stylist agreed!

Moroccan women have known of the healthy benefits of extracting the Argan Oil from the kernels of the Argan tree (pictured above) - and recently the popularity of the oil has flooded the marketplace with hundreds of different products that contain the naturally derived substance.

Argan oil has benefits for SKIN and HAIR

In fact, I use it for both!  Many of you cringe at the thought of applying oil to your skin or hair, but the benefits are real!  Its not oil like grease or pore-clogging (or greasy scalp) but rather a smooth oil that absorbs into the skin and doesn't leave shine or residue behind!  Same with the hair.

For the skin, I recommend Josie Maran's Argan Oil

It's 100% pure and natural.  I apply it to any dry or flaky skin on the face, I also apply near the outer part of the eye (crow's feet zone) and especially on my neck.  At night I apply to my hands and cuticles.  It absorbs so quickly and keeps my skin smooth and hydrated.  Its incredible!
To learn more about Josie Maran (famous Maybellene model turned cosmetics guru) you can check out or her Sephora page
 FYI- Josie also created Argan Oil infused
Lip Stains
Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain
Self Tanner
Argan Self Tanning Cream
Argan Oil Infused Makeup Wipes
Bear Naked Wipes
and MANY other great products!

For HAIR, I have tried over 6 brands extensively over the last few months, to determine if it's really worth it to pay more for Argan Oil infused hair care.  I haven't finished my study yet - I will be reporting soon.  BUT, I will give you a sneak peek!!

For the hair oil, its no doubt Agadir brand Argan Oil (you can find it on

it is simply incredible.  I use a quarter sized amount (I have long hair, a dime size for anything not past your shoulders) and I apply it on the bottom half of my hair liberally, especially getting the ends.  (PS- if you have too much product left on your hands after applying to your hair, you can rub on to knees and elbows - Argan Oil is a natural skin moisturizer!)

I've noticed that my hair dries faster, I have far less frizz, my color looks more vibrant, and I have significantly less damage from my heat tools!!!!!!

I'm telling you, regardless of your hair type (oily, frizzy, curly, thin, etc) this product will work for you!

Ok, ok, one more preview product!!!!!  (you twisted my arm!)

I've tried 4 Argan Oil [hair]conditioners and I have finally decided on one!
The winner is "One and Only"

The best part?  Its only $7.99 at Ulta and  I felt that it had the best conditioning and repair benefits without the additional weight of a heavier conditioner.  It really helped fight frizz too!

I also tried "Moroccan Oil" Brand $25 for small bottle.  This is clearly a great product, but it was more than twice as much then the One and Only brand and the conditioning benefits weren't any better.

Organix Argan Oil Conditioner $7.99, this conditioner was so light-weight (some of you may prefer a very light conditioner) that it didn't provide any benefits to my hair.  It wasn't smooth, in fact it was dry.  This was a definite no-go for me

Agadir Conditioner $19.99, this one was a little bit too heavy, my scalp was always greasy the second day.

So now I have reminded you of the benefits of natural Argan Oil, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you introduce it into your beauty routine!!!

Stay tuned for my full recap of Argan Oil hair products (including styling products) coming soon!

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